Monday, October 5, 2009

Monday, what have you done to me?

It is Monday once again. Seems each one arrives an hour earlier than the one the previous week. I know I lose so many hours sitting right here in front of the computer.

I have so much to do today. In general and in preparation for next weekend. YAY EMILY!!!
(See previous post for explanation) I have MORE veggies from the garden that must be processed today or I will lose them. I have a house to clean, a couple loads of laundry and at least an acre or two to mow. Oh my aching back and joints.

I need to transcribe a tape from over nine years ago. I need to find a cassette tape player first...

I have "suffice it to say" way more on my plate than I can ever consume. Oh and speaking of consuming. I have started my diet again. BLAH! This time that last 30 pounds MUST come off! I want to be at a certain weight before I turn 50 in February. Sheesh I'm getting OLD!


Tina said...

Oh I need to be back on my diet too. Must lose 40. How!....
You'll get your list completed with excellance as usual.

Sally said...

have a cassette player, if you want I'll run it over tonight

and I've decided I need to unload some pounds too.... so blog about it/talk about it/ let's support each other!!

If I'm ever going to put my foot in a stirrup again... it must be DONE

Becki said...

I would love to borrow your cassette player, I won't be home tonight tho- I have GriefShare and leave about 6PM

Jeff will be here. So far I made it through day 1 of diet. Big deal huh. But of course we can support each other- we'll need someone to help prop us up!