Thursday, January 28, 2010

Getting back in the swing of things

Why is it so difficult to get back into the swing of things after you return from vacation? I have no energy or desire to do anything!

I have been perusing my "usual" blogs and other favorite internet stops, but my kitchen counter and sink are screaming for attention. I hate a messy house, but mine seems to fall into that category more often than not... ugh!

So, today I will do the mundane and hope for the best. I am feeling a bit depressed, although it is not only from coming back to Ohio and leaving WARM, BEAUTIFUL, SUNNY, FLORIDA.

I will be 50 years old on Monday and it is like being slapped in the face with a dead stinky fish! How could I possibly be that old? Wasn't I just 29 yesterday? Oh bother! I certainly hope that I will make the most out of this new decade that I am facing. What positive things can I do? I know there are things that I want to do, but will I actually see them to completion? I am a quitter. I hate that about me, but still, I do it. Or rather don't do it. Maybe this should be my goal? Not a resolution, a goal.

So far, I have not followed through with my weight loss goal...another 25 pounds. I have lost a couple more, but no where near my goal.

My next goal to lose this weight is before May. I have another college graduation in May. Jordan, our second son, is graduating from Indianan Wesleyan University. Wow, what an accomplishment. Wow, I. feel. OLD. Christopher, our third son, will be entering into his final year of college as soon as Jordan graduates. Then only one more year of FAFSA (thank God for that miracle) I hate those things.

Well, the longer I sit and add to this blog, the longer I put off the inevitable....

Have a good Thursday!



Emily Jones said...

I love you!!!

Journaling Woman said...

Spit in 50's face. You are gorgeous!!

There is no doubt that aging is difficult and not fun for me. I'll just keep sucking it in, wishing for plastic surgery and telling myself lies. :)

Michelle Miller said...

Im so happy to find that yet another person i know is a blogger, since ive just jumped into this world.

Just a reminder, age is only a number. Simply telling you how long you've walked plant earth. With no other connection to you but that. In my opinion, it does however speak of the wisdom you have. Keep doin your thing, your an inspiration. I cant wait to read that book someday soon!