Friday, July 9, 2010

I need to be inspired

I have a great need to get inspired enough to write! Have not had that much over the past couple of months. I dropped the ball, and I let it roll away without even bothering to chase it! I am tired of having to answer people's questions about "how is the book coming?" with the same answer all the time. "Uh, it is not done yet".... Help God!

Guess I am just tired.

Tired of a lot of things.

Ready for something good to happen!

Anybody else having that kind of day?

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Tina said...

I've been doing this study, not called The Artist's Way and one of the suggestions /exercises it has in it is called Morning Pages. Every morning just sit and write 3 full pages of whatever pops into your head. It's like a head clearing for me. Sounds so silly, but I'm doing it. Also, I think taking a break, resting, walking away from the project, especially a project like yours that God is and will use is when you are on the edge of something great, like the next step. I have found i am my most creative when I am at rest. Weird but true.
There ya go.
Love ya.
and I'll pray for you too.