Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A GREAT new ministry

Well happy December to all of you! I woke up this morning to find snow lightly covering the may be pretty, but it is COLD! Brrrr. Not a favorite of mine. Speaking of favorites, I now have a new favorite ministry that I want to share with you.

It is called Women Inspired, two minutes to greatness!

Do you know your purpose? Are you living with passion?

God wants you to succeed. He desires for you to live a life of abundance, joy, and purpose. He longs to fill you with passion for Him, for your family, your friends, and your work.

The Women Inspired Call is inspired women encouraging, inspiring, and motivating YOU, to live YOUR LIFE with intent, purpose, and joy, to the glory of God.

If you want to live your life more passionately or are searching for your purpose, we want to help empower you to find it and live it…THIS CALL IS FOR YOU.

  • You’ll gain insight on God’s direction for your life.
  • You’ll be encouraged to live with PASSION, by women who live passionately.
  • You’ll be led to become more intimate with the Lord.
  • You’ll receive daily motivation by women who have faced obstacles, but persevered, and overcame.
  • You’ll be encouraged by women who understand life’s struggles and are committed to bravely support you, as you journey through yours.
  • The daily calls will inspire you to receptively receive all God desires from you.

Want to be motivated, encouraged, or inspired to live a life of purpose? Do you desire more passion and joy? Long to live for the glory of the Lord? Or, know someone who does? If so, THIS CALL IS FOR YOU!!!

I personally know Julie Gorman, she is the "Tuesday woman" She is the host of a program on blogtalk radio called His Love Extended.
I had the privilege and honor of being interviewed by Julie on August 18, 2010. You can go to her link above and look in the archived programs if you would like to listen to that program.

Julie sent me a message a couple of weeks ago and introduced me to Clint Steel, who is the founder of the Women Inspired ministry. I responded immediately to the e-mail and left my phone number. Within a matter of five minutes I received a phone call from Clint! He shared his heart and the vision of this ministry. I was so impressed with all that I heard. He asked if I would like to sign up for the free ten days of two minute messages. I did, and I have been blessed by the wonderful words that I have heard for the past several days. I fully intend to be a permanent recipient of these encouraging messages. I will also be an occasional contributor, along with my friend Virelle Kidder, and a few other online friends.

If you click on the links directly below this paragraph you can hear two samples of these inspirational calls.!/video/video.php?v=1487614795112
go to this site to hear other calls.!/profile.php?id=1376215153
This is a great advertisement with women encouraging you to listen!

This is something I think is important. Women, all women need encouragement. Please check this out and let me know what you think by sending me a message here on my blog!

Thanks for taking the time to read this and to take a listen for yourself!

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Clint said...

Thanks so much Becki!!!! So glad you are liking the calls. Looking forward to you making a couple yourself. You are doing an amazing work yourself. Keep up the great work. Be blessed!!