Thursday, October 27, 2011

Women Inspired

Hello all of you lovely ladies (I know there are a few gents too) This is an amazing ministry that my friend, Julie Gorman, has asked me to share about! I know several of these ladies personally, or know their individual ministries. WOW, all of them together is pretty special! Please check it out and seriously consider membership! A great way to be inspired, or if you really think about it, you could buy someone a membership as a Christmas gift! How ever you decide to do it, do it soon!

Don't miss your chance to WIN a WOMEN INSPIRED EXCLUSIVE MEMBERSHIP offering access to 7 EXCLUSIVE COACHING SERIES by Shannon Ethridge, Tammy Maltby, Jil Swanson, Julie Gorman, Lorraine Pintus, Kendra Smiley, and Sandra Aldrich. Simply Tag Women Inspired on your FB page and share their site and you'll be entered to the drawing. DRAWING takes place FRIDAY. Good luck! :)
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