Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Time Flies!

I can barely get a grip that it is February 2014. I feel like I must have missed a year or two somewhere along the line. Time just flies. I know our days must not have a full twenty-four hours in them, because all I do is blink, and it's another day.

I wish I could report that everything is on track for my book, but it seems that the hours that have disappeared have taken a lot of things with them. Like all of the tracking changes I made to the completed and edited manuscript. I have uploaded, and uploaded and uploaded to the publisher's website, and even after I have turned in the corrections they claim I have not completed them. I feel like such a putz. Today, I went back through. My files show they are done, accepted...markups are turned off. Arrrgh.

I need that extra measure of grace because mine has certainly flown away with the hours of the day.

As far as I know, my book is supposed to be done.

We will see.

Now, I must look for a part time job. I need to contribute to our retirement. I am feeling a bit overwhelmed. I wish I had more abilities, was trained in more things. I wish more than anything my physical body would cooperate. Seems I just don't have the capacity to stand, or be on my feet for hours like I used to. The fibro has simply stolen my energy.

So, if anyone has knowledge of a job opening for a 54 year old (I had a birthday since my last post) woman with a whiney disposition, and no energy please let me know.

Keep praying, keep watching and one of these days, there may be a wonderful announcement that you can actually buy my book...

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