Friday, May 9, 2008


Well, I have just found a moment to blog. I say that because my young friend that was editing my book sent it back yesterday, with corrections and suggestions, and I have diligently been working on it! I have been feeling rather overwhelmed at moments. Yesterday I spent 12 1/2 hours with only a few breaks for necessities. I couldn't even eat! I would get sick to my stomach every time I tried. So, I assumed that fasting was the way to go. Today I spent another 4 1/2 hours. I broke my fast this afternoon at about 4:00 PM. Almost 48 hours, and 140 pages later... I'm a bit tired, but oh, so happy with the amount that I have accomplished. I would probably still be writing, but laundry called, as well as a hungry family, plus I was helping out a friend this afternoon.

I must say I feel a bit more ready to go to the conference on Wednesday.
I feel a bit better about myself since I am down 18 1/2 pounds in less than 4 weeks! Wow, I almost feel like a new person.

I am planning on spending more time writing before I go, so please pray for an anointing for me to write. I would greatly appreciate it. Writing this, or rather re-writing (this is the 4th re-write) this has been extremely emotionally draining. I find myself in tears quite frequently, and remember the emotions I felt almost 8 years ago. I have been transcribing the interviews I did 4 years ago, and trying to fit them into the story where my friend suggested. It is a real stretch of my abilities. But I most certainly felt God's touch yesterday and today as I worked to diligently.

I need to do a few more things so I may not have time to blog before I leave, but I will try. Since Sunday is Mother's Day I will be going over to my brother Doug's house. He and his wife Renee will be hosting our gourmet dinner prepared by my brother. So along with my Mother, and my sister, and our families we will have a lovely day. And just to let you know, I will be cheating on my diet that day! I intend to have a little taste of everything!

So all of you Mother's out there, I hope you have a wonderful day Sunday! Happy Mother's Day!


Tina said...

I'm so excited that you are allowing us to be a part of this journey you are on and now to participate in prayer as you write your book and communicate your story. I will pray for God to just cover you with His grace and for Him to give you words and thoughts that communicate this as He would have it said.

Tina said...

Becki, I've thought of you so much this week and feel as though you are just on the edge of something soooooo great. Can't wait to hear about the conference