Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I feel like a world traveler

Hello again. It certainly feels as though I have traveled across the world, but I guess I am only a national traveler. Since the end of March, I have been in North Myrtle Beach, Colorado, Tennessee, and Virginia. I have stayed at least one night in each of those states besides Ohio of course. I have traveled either through or over the following states: Ohio, West Virginia, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Indiana, Illinois, I'm not sure if I went over Missouri, or (Iowa), (Nebraska) or Kansas, then Colorado.Add to that list Maryland, Pennsylvania Then this past weekend we were in Tennessee, then went to visit our son, Micah, in Virginia.
I am tired, and I certainly took a bunch of pictures. I'll post a couple at the end of this blog. I am not complaining, I am only mentioning what is going on in my world. I have never traveled so much, it is fun, but tiring. I don't know how people do it all of the time.
We had a wonderful time at Serenity Falls
(see http://www.serenityfallscabins.com/) for more information. We stayed in the General Store cabin here are some pictures of that.

The falls were so pretty, and very well named. I cooked most of the time we were gone, so I stayed on my "diet" and I am on the brink of hitting the 25 pounds lost mark. YIPPEE.

We had a cook-out at Micah's yesterday before we climbed back into the Honda to head home. We spent about 20 hours in driving time since Friday morning, and unfortunately, gas didn't go down in price. The cheapest we found was $3.78 a gallon, and we were almost giddy. I never thought I'd say that in my lifetime. I got to have my one day of eating what-ever I wanted to while at Micah's. I had a Hebrew National hot dog, low fat of course,a bun, a small hamburger no bun, a handful of tortilla chips and organic salsa, raw veggies, fresh fruit, and a wonderful (actually 2) iced brownies OH YEAH! It was so good. I am back to eating healthy today... boring, but I do feel better.

The Smokey Mountains were beautiful, but they certainly rivaled the Rockies. I cannot decide which are God's best. I think it's a draw. The Smokey's are on the left, the Rockies on the right. What do you think?
I need to work on my writing. I received two e-mails while I was gone as a result of the conference, requesting stories, so I better get busy. I just wanted to give a brief update. Thanks again for praying for us.

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Tina said...

Oh, I love traveling! Hey next time you travel through WV via Charleston on 77, give me a heads up and we'll meet. I'd love a chat.
You've got to share this diet plan you are on. Totally frustrated with trying to lose this weight.