Thursday, December 18, 2008

I'm almost ready

The decorations are done, the cookies are baked, the candy is made, the stockings are hung...hmmmm what else? I guess if the weather is lousy tomorrow I'll wrap presents. I don't have many, but I haven't done any wrapping. I have a couple of loads of laundry to do, and sheets to change... and a mattress to buy (this weekend Jeff says).

I am pretty excited about what I am seeing on the scales too. I have gotten past the plateau! Woo-hoo!!!!!! I have 14 pounds to get to my goal! Maybe I can lose some more before we go to Micah's ordination in January. Maybe.

The boys got their grades, whew... they both did well. Now we have to pray in the funds for Jordan's trip to Zambia, as well as tuition for two! Well Lord, how are you gonna supply this time?

We had our family picture done before Thanksgiving.

Here is a preview:

I have been in a very nostalgic mood these past few days. I guess the holidays tend to do that. I know that's the case, I teach my GriefShare groups that! It's so hard. It's hard not seeing Liz in this photo.

This one doesn't look quite's a bit out of focus (I took a picture of a picture)

I seem to be skipping around in my normal ADOS fashion (Attention Deficit...Oooooh Shiny) maybe I can blame the caffeine (I had a bottle of Dr. Pepper today the first one in over a year) I also had something that has caused me to break out in an itchy, blotchy mess on my face. Oh joy, something else I am allergic to.IT BETTER NOT BE THE CHOCOLATE! I was making chocolate covered peanut butter crackers, and chocolate covered marshmellows. UGH!

My guys are watching the movie Flyboys, so I am curled up in the corner with my computer! I guess I am bored. I have things I need to do, but I DON'T WANNA.

I have been wondering about the stories I submitted. I heard from the Gary Chapman people, I didn't make that cut, but I am still waiting to hear form the Jim Bell people... I e-mailed my contact person (she's probably thrilled) to see if they have heard from the publisher as to who made the cut. I keep hoping!

My Writer's group met here on Monday (minus one person). It was still a good meeting. I read the story I submitted to the Jim Bell "people" and got a positive response from the group, let's hope the publisher agrees.

I have been contacted by two other churches to speak. St Joe's Catholic Church in Dover asked me to speak during Lent, and Sharon Mennonite asked me to come on January 4th. Maybe this will be the year I can be put on the "circuit" of professional speakers and writers association. You never know what will happen.

Well, I cannot think of anything else to write tonight, so I'll go get my "jammies" on and call it a day. I hope to blog before Christmas, but just in case I run out of time Merry Christmas to all of you!

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