Thursday, December 4, 2008


I am so excited, I got my first deer today! Uh-huh! Here is a picture to prove it! Yep, I went out all by myself, and I got him! (He was a button buck) It wasn't the big buck I had hoped to get, but it was a deer nonetheless. WOO-HOO. I still have three more days to get another one. Maybe I'll go out during primitive weapon season if I don't get another this week. We only have three muzzle loaders in the family.

It's nice to have a happy ending to the story I wrote called Diamonds, Long Fingernails and 20 Gauge Shotguns.

Moving on to other things that need updated...
The guest room.
Yes, I did get it done just in time for Micah to come home for Thanksgiving! I have a mattress dilemma though. Here are a few pictures of the room. I am planning on moving a few things around after we get new beds, and Jeff builds the headboards I want. In the first picture you can see the mattress on the floor... an antique stand and magazine rack that my great grandpa made.
In this second picture you can see some of my quilts I have piled up. I have not had the time to make the quilted wall hangings, and dresser scarves I intend to do, but winter is a loooong season.
In the third picture you can see that I have used the ladder that Chris used to climb up into his loft bed as a quilt holder. The dresser is also an antique that was given to us by our old neighbors.
This last picture is the bed again but it also includes the small table that my great grandpa made too! I still have a sewing cabinet that is also homemade, and an old rocker to put in there.
Also, the Christmas decorations (inside) here are a couple of pictures of that too.

So, I think I have fulfilled all of the requests made...

Our GriefShare Surviving the Holidays was held on Tuesday night. We had 23 attendees plus Jeff and myself as facilitators. It was a real blessing! Thanks to all of you that were praying!

I am going to go warm up, I'm still freezing from being outside. Plus I have a realllly sore arm from my gun...OUCH!


Jane said...

Way to go Mama Reiser! Your son said all he shot at Thanksgiving was skeet. Now you are going to give your "men" a run for their $$.

Tina said...

Wow, go huntress! The decorating looks great too.

Wow, she hunts, writes, decorates, cans food, I can't keep up.

Todd C said...

Great Deer but nicer hat.