Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Computer land joys and sorrows

Well, I am still experiencing computer woes. I am currently using my brothers laptop, which by the way is SLOW AS MOLASSES. I am getting used it it slowly. I should be thankful that I even have something to use at home, and not have to get bundled up and go to the library...Thanks Doug!

Talked to our youngest son tonight. It seems he is sick with a cold, but is hoping to come home for the weekend. Bless his little heart. That will make my weekend happier.

I am hoping to get all of my computer "work" done by Thursday if it's possible. I have a few devotionals that I need to ready for the web, and a couple that I have to edit that were sent to me to put on the web. We're hoping for a February 2 launch... we'll see.

I haven't shared one of our greatest joys in recent weeks. On January 11, our oldest son Micah was ordained at his church. We made the trek to Virginia a day earlier than planned due to a snowstorm coming to our area. We left at about 4 PM on the Friday before and got into town at about 10:15 that night. Despite the nasty weather. We stayed at the Executive Pastor's house (thanks again Jane and Kelley) and had a great time. On Sunday evening we gathered at the church along with the other pastors and support staff along with their families to watch, listen and pray.

It was so amazing to me to hear all of the things that were shared with Micah from those in attendance. I have always felt that way about my son, but to hear others say the encouraging things, and humbling things were amazing! Then to hear Micah share his testimony with everyone well... this mom was about to bust! The tears ran freely and the pride I felt was overwhelming. I am so blessed to know that my oldest son is serving God with his whole heart, and his job certainly shows it. I felt so honored that Pastor Gary and the rest of the pastors wanted to include us in this special event.

It is a big responsibility to your congregation to usher everyone into the presence of God. The pastor depends on people's hearts being prepared to hear the message they have prepared and are sharing. I have a couple of pictures I'd like to post. Here is Micah sharing his testimony, then the pastors and Jeff and myself all praying around Micah.there was a lovely celebration reception afterward in the cafe and fellowship hall where we all enjoyed wonderful goodies made by Terri D.(spelling), the Virginia version of NewPointe's "Queen Jean". All was wonderful, tasty and very encouraging.
Another really great thing about having been there was the fact that we got to meet several other people that we hadn't been able to meet on previous trips. Marilyn one of the administrative assistants, another admin by the name of Rosa, that will try to help Micah learn to delegate some of his duties. Marilyn seems to be a real kindred spirit and we shared a giggle or two at what God has been speaking to Micah for about the last 18 months. Sometimes God speaks things through other people that we have a hard time receiving. Right Marilyn? I'm still trusting the Lord for the last thing you mentioned to me about where God puts us.

Jane and Kelley we enjoyed our stay with you. We appreciate your kind words about Micah as well as the opportunity you gave to him to come to Cornerstone. I am so glad you asked Steph about a worship leader from IWU! Thanks for opening your home to us, for sharing your hi def TV and "24"with us. It was a lot of fun.

Pastor Gary and Terri, thank you for your loving words and sensitivity, and including Jeff and I in all of this. It was nice to meet the rest of your family this trip. We look forward to many visits in the future.

Moving on to other blessings.

I mentioned that our son, Jordan, was going on a missions trip to Africa in May, and that he needed to raise $4200 for the trip. Well bless God the money has come through, and he's thrilled. What an amazing God we serve! Thanks to all of you that have so generously shared with him. We would ask that you continue to pray for him and for the trip.

I think I'll end it here before this turns "novelish."


Jane said...

We really enjoyed you staying with us. I'm glad you are planning on quite a few more visits. It will be great to see you and, obviously, Micah will love it.

I bet you were proud! Heck, I was proud! He has grown so much in the past year and a half and it is exciting to watch him grow in ministry and follow God's leading (reminds me of our early days). We love him a lot!

That's great about the $$ coming in for Jordan. I'm going to send my check anyway. I put it in with a note to Jordan right after you left. That said, I procrastinate, so I haven't mailed it yet. Tomorrow I will.

Karen M said...

Wow!! I can only imagine your joy at experiencing all of this.