Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year

Can you believe it it's 2009?


When I thought about the date being in the 21st century way back when I was a kid it seemed like it would have to be like the Jetsons. All space-agey and stuff. Then when I would think about how old I would be...oh my!

Well, yes I feel "old as dirt"...some days! As I have told a few of my friends "this is the oldest I have ever been!" Yes, in less than a month I will see my 49th Birthday,UGH. I don't cherish the thought of 50 being just around the bend. Not that I want to miss my 50th, but I guess when you think about it, it is a win-win situation. To live is Christ (good) and to die is to gain! I'm not being morbid, I'm being realistic! If you know where you are spending eternity, you'll certainly understand.

Recently I read (in my daily read Bible) that in Malachi (Old Testament) God turned down the sacrifices that were being offered to Him because they weren't the "best that they had" they were often blind or wounded animals. God was very explicit when He told His children what they were to offer to God as sacrifices.

Well, that got me to thinking about what I offer to God. I know that since Jesus was the living sacrifice that we no longer have to sacrifice animals on an alter to our God. But what I started to think about is what do I personally give to God? Do I give Him my best? Or am I offering Him my "half hearted" sacrifice? Sort of like a blind animal or wounded. Sometimes I feel wounded, and I guess when I offer myself to Him fully, no matter how I feel, that is the only thing I have to give Him. Have you ever thought about that? Have you ever wondered what God thinks about what you give Him?????

I have a terrible problem about having "clutter in my life." I have written about my organizing abilities that sadly lack. So, as my husband has pointed out, if you just do one or two things it won't overwhelm you. So the day after Christmas I began to clean out my kitchen cupboards. Not because I wanted to look like I was organized. It was really out of necessity. When I went to put away dishes that I don't use very often, I couldn't fit them into the cupboard they came out of. So, I decided to clean it out. then that cupboard led to another...and another...and so on. The last cupboard that I did was probably the one that needed it first. My spice cupboard. I love to use spices, and It is a healthy alternative to many unhealthy things. Although you took your life in your hands when you opened the cupboard door. You had to back up to not get hit with falling bottles! Well, I have made a sacrifice of my time (for not only God, but for my family and myself) Here is proof! My youngest son, Chris also did some repair work and we had to put up brackets to hold the shelves from warping. The shelf it warped up now instead of down as we flipped it over after the repairs. God bless Chris. He was right there cheering me on and offered his help in bracing it up!

So, now I have closets that need re-organized. A laundry room to re-do. The basement to finish ...and so on. I don't want to drive myself bonkers. But I want to be able to tell God that I used my time wisely!

Today we also cut up our third deer. Chris got two, I got one. Jeff and Chris skinned it, quartered it, then cut it off the bone. I cleaned all of the "silver and nasty stuff off. The guys started at about 11 AM, and they finished at about 3 PM. I started my part at 3 PM and finished about 6PM. I'm tired... But it will be so nice when we get the summer sausage, and deer sticks back from the processor. We have roasts, steaks and tenderloins all ready in the freezer, so we should be set for a while. I'll need chicken and turkey, but beef, and deer we have!

I also helped Jordan make Thank You notes for Jordan to send out. He is trying to raise money to go on a trip to Zambia. He needs $4200.00 and is almost half way there! He has to do this trip for school, and he was one of the eleven chosen to go. Thank you Jesus. So, we sent out 18 notes today. I made them, he wrote the notes and we attached them to the inside of the card. They were not "foofy" I had a ton of the "foofy" ones he could have chosen from. He very nicely said "Um, I don't think I'll use any of those". He was completely frustrated when he couldn't decide what he wanted. So, I suggested I make some for him. He's very happy with the results. I'm very happy he's sending them!

The boys go back to school next week. I cannot believe they have been home for almost a month! Although I have had a lot more cleaning and laundry and of course cooking to do. Well it will soon be just Jeff and I again. I have a few projects for Jeff after the guys leave...I'm sure he'll be thrilled!

Well, I think it's time for a shower and pj's. I need to unwind before bed, so I'll go watch Star Wars episode 2 with Jeff. G'night!

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Tina said...

So those are the cupboards you were cleaning out the other day. Oh the spices. my hubby would love it.