Wednesday, August 12, 2009

It's that time of year

I am sitting here smelling the wonderful sent of homemade salsa! Ummmm. It is the time of year that is a lot of work, but ever so rewarding. So far I have canned green beans, two kinds of jam and now salsa. Before and after pictures above.

I have come up with a design for my book cover. I have a good friend that is professionally tweaking it and adding a few things that I have no clue how to. I should have the "mock up" on the 21st. I am really excited. I have chosen an outfit to wear to have my picture done for the back cover. (I am not really looking forward to that part... I don't like to have my picture taken) but this guy is real professional. He has his own photography studio in Chicago. Mike (my writing partner) has procured his services to take professional photos of several things for the book.

I have colored my hair and cut it (myself) and have prepared the clothes. If you have never cut your own hair, it stinking tough. I have done it many times, but it just is not the same as if you are doing someone else's hair. An for the color.... Preference # 6 Light brown.

It has been so hot the last few days. I am not complaining, I am just mentioning it because it is finally feeling like summer. I tried to mow for a while today since everything is growing like crazy, and I got about 1/10 done and I ran out of gas! RATS! So, now I am playing "Julia Childish" in the kitchen... Here are some pictures of my handiwork the past couple of days.

Hey, I learned something new yesterday! A friend that I met at the Colorado Christian Writers Conference and I are now facebook friends. (Bonnie I am beholding to you!) Yesterday I made a comment about not having long enough arms to take a picture of myself in the outfits I had to choose from for my picture so people could see which one they liked better... any way she said use the delay on my camera. I knew some cameras had them but I have never used it and I have had my camera for about five years... I found my users guide and found out how to do it Yay!!!

So, here you can see I have actually been busy. Proof!!!

I am currently cooking our dinner (stir fried chicken and garlic & soy string beans over rice) Healthy eating yay!

I'll be on the radio Thursday (Aug. 13) sharing a portion of our story (95.9 The Light) I am on again with the Circle Of Friends at 10 AM!

Better get busy!


Sally said...

you have so many gifts....

we should give ourselves a break and go see Julia/Julie or whatever that movie is....

Karen M said...

Reading your post makes me hungry. I've cut my own hair when it was really long. I don't do that anymore. I do cut Dave and Kevin's hair. I'd like to see your book cover.

Becki said...

send me your e-mail address and I'll send it to you as an attachment.