Monday, August 3, 2009

GO-09 Community Impact Day


This is year two for NewPointe's Community Impact Day. I have a feeling there were many blessed people that had things done for them, but I have more of a feeling that there were many blessed people doing the Impacting!

It is something that changes the way I think about the community around me. I get so caught up in the mundane things of everyday life, that I tend to forget about other things. I want to post some pictures from our small group participation yesterday.
What a blast we had. It was a bit nerve wracking when I looked at the morning sky and then at the radar images on the internet... RAIN! Rain and car washes are not exactly compatible. We tend to think that just because we have something planned to do outside that the weather will cooperate... NOPE! So, we went with plan B and began an hour later and began in the garage. What a wonderful blessing to have a four stall garage!

We had several children participate, and they were all GREAT WORKERS! Thanks Evan, Everett, Noah, McKenna and Isaiah. You guys are the best!

Thanks parents for bringing them.

These kids were having so much fun and they wanted to work!

The rest of us did various and sundry things. We took turns sweeping, scrubbing, washing windows and what ever else needed to be done!

They were so serious about the work look at these faces? Serving with joy? You bet! They never complained about the rain, but Everett was one of the first to notice the really black clouds gathering. Shortly thereafter....

Puddles....everywhere! Not a good mix for clean cars to have to drive through! Nevertheless, we continued on in faith! By 1 PM we had seven cars done! And a lot of tired and sweaty people.

The kids still had energy. They were jumping across puddles.
We had wonderful participation. There were 14 of us all together.

We had three adults that are not even in our small group help with our project. Thanks Andy, Susan, and Jeremy. Thanks Angel for bringing your boys. Thanks Jeremy for bringing your three children! In my opinion...we had the perfect jobs. It worked out great for everyone we could all participate.

Thanks for a job well done everyone!

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Tina said...

So fun! and so impactful. Way to be the church.