Monday, November 30, 2009

November 30

Oh my word! It is November 30 already. I cannot believe that I have not blogged since the 5th. It has been a busy time, but I have also had limited time on the computer due to a rib being out of place. It proved too painful to sit here for any length of time. I am feeling much better now, but have a twinge every once in a while.Thanksgiving came off without a hitch (mostly anyhow) Good food, nice visiting with relatives you do not see often. The boys are back to school/work. Jeff just left for work, and I have things to do around here. Whew. I love having my guys home, I love them dearly...I am still cleaning up the remains of what was left in their wake. You tend to forget just how much mess that a family of five can make. Walk in the door walk to the nearest open spot and DUMP EVERYTHING.

I can finally see my dining room again. Between the piles that the guys brought, and the Christmas decorations it was a disaster. I do have my Christmas decorations up inside and some of them up outside. I got stopped outside for a couple of reasons. I had my small group coming over for a meeting at 6:30 last night, and the inside was still a mess. Plus the new lights I purchased for outside turned out to be for the inside UGH!!!! I did not notice when I bought them that they were for inside use only. BLAH.

So, I will be off to get some outdoor lights today. Then I am off to work tonight. Jeff will have some alone time tonight while I am gone. He will like that and he can surf the internet for homes for sale in Florida without my teasing him.

I will be hosting the final session in GriefShare tomorrow night, so I will be cooking all day tomorrow for the meal we will share before beginning the memory night celebration. Then 1st Wednesday at church on Wednesday night.

Thursday will be my big hunting day! Woot-woot! I have to go get my license today and a deer permit. I hope to get anything this year, be it doe or buck I will be happy... I will be sure to post the outcome.

I will be getting a visit from Em2 around the middle of the month. I am SOOOO excited. She will be staying with me this time, and we can talk till we can no longer form words from exhaustion. My happy thought!!!

On Monday evening the 7th of December I will once again host Surviving The Holidays you can see the post below this one for a short clip. It should be better attended than the first one this year. It has been advertised. I will take posters today to put up around town.

I have things to do around here, so I better get moving. I just wanted to let you know that I am still sitting up and taking nourishment! Perhaps a bit to much nourishment. The diet is back on today!!!

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Emily Jones said...

Yay December is finally here!! I have been looking forward to this month- with the holiday spirit, and the ability to see YOU and my dear BRITTANY! (she comes home from India on the 8th) I am glad you are feeling better. I truly admire how productive you are. You are so blessed! I hope to someday have a family like that, one that leaves a big wake. Maybe it's just because I never had that, but I certainly dream about it.

I adore you!