Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Between the weeks

Merry New Year...or Happy Christmas... or something like that! It is the week between the holidays and it always seems a little strange. I want Christmas to not be over already, and I am NOT ready to see another year end!

Last night my youngest son, Christopher, and a couple of friends left for Florida. Today my oldest son, Micah, will leave to go back home to Virginia. Jordan, my middle son will be in town for a while yet, although he is considering going to Virginia to visit his "big brother" for a few days.

I do have one of my most favorite people visiting me though and that helps to not be disappointed that my guys are leaving. I have my Emily here to visit! She arrived on Saturday evening, and is here until this Sunday!! We have spent some time together, but I have had to work on Monday and Tuesday. Today I have the day off, actually, I have the rest of the year off!!! Jeff and I throughly enjoying her visit.

How was your Christmas? Mine was great! I am using my best Christmas gift right now. Jeff and the boys got me a Macbook for Christmas and I am LOVING IT!!!

One of the not so great things that happened over the holidays is that my dad passed away and we had to have his memorial service on December 26. His ashes will be buried today. My brother wants my sister and I to go, but I am just wanting this to be over. He died on December 16, and it has taken this long because of out of town family, and then the weather. I am finding it difficult to have yet another thing to do.

Soon, it will be just Jeff and I here again. It will be way to quiet, but it will be back to normal for the two of us. We have finally gotten used to the boys coming and going. It is still sad to see them go, but I can watch them go with out balling like a baby. Jeff and I have our routines, and then they get "blown out of the water" when the family is here. I love it, but it's a tough adjustment too. Jeff is back to work... another short week. It's hard to get much done during this time of year. Hopefully business will pick up after the first of the year.

I have a thousand things I would like to get done, but will limit myself to the things that MUST be done. I hope all of you will have a happy and healthy 2010...sounds strange to day that.

Happy New Year!

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Sally said...

Happy and blessed New Year to you...
You are one of the bestest blessings of 2009!
Enjoy your visit w Emily.. See you (and Lady :)) soon