Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Florida Vacation and Denver bound

Hello! My writing on this blog is less than sporadic. I seem to be down to updating it about once a month. Forgive me if you are one of the few that are checking for updates and are discouraged to find none.

Jeff and I pulled into our driveway at 12:45 a.m last night from five of the most wonderful days of vacation. We went to our all-time favorite spot to vacation...Naples Florida! We had someone here to watch over the house and the animals, and felt sure that we had no worries. The guys at our business are very trustworthy, and we NEVER got one phone call about problems! Thanks guys for helping to make our vacation a true vacation. You all know that Jeff would have been crazy if there were problems back here.

Thanks to our friends Bob and Phyllis for allowing us to use their condo. What a lovely place to go and feel so at home.

On Thursday, February 10, I leave for the Writing For The Soul Conference in Denver. Jeff will be here as I travel this time. I know I ask for your prayers a lot in regard to the book Through My Tears. I would however covet any and all prayers sent up on behalf of my trip and finding a publisher and receiving help in the field of writing! I love attending these conferences. You learn so much, and glean from those that you talk to. This is the first time I have attending this particular conference. My friend, Virelle Kidder suggested I go. She has taught there, and holds this in very high regard. Her friend and mentor, Jerry Jenkins puts this conference on, and I am truly looking forward to attending! Perhaps I'll have the opportunity to meet Jerry. I have had correspondence with him prior to deciding to attend, so perhaps I'll speak to him face-to-face this time.

I will also get to see T. Suzanne Eller once again. We met at the Colorado Christian Writers Conference two years ago. What a great woman of God she is and also willing to be a mentor to those of us that need help. I plan on being first in line for help! If you would like to see more information in regard to this conference go to

I will attempt to post something from Denver to update this blog!

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