Thursday, April 26, 2012

Another huge step

I just arrived home after dropping off my manuscript at the post office. I have been working on Through My Tears for many years, and it is now on it's way to my editor, then after corrections, shipping it off to agents/publishers to see if anyone is interested.


It has been a l-o-n-g time coming. I was pretty nervous. I had already sent the digital copy to her, but to actually have 302 pages of printed words in hand (envelope) and to put it in the mail....oh my.

I hope there won't too many things that she thinks need cut. Anyway, I just wanted to let all of you know what is going on. I am relieved, and now am craving something terribly gooey and chocolaty. Any suggestions. Oh, it has to have NO CALORIES, since I am trying to watch (yeah sure I am).

Last weekend I had the awesome opportunity to speak at the Women's ACT Conference in Tiffin, Ohio.  Top photo is of Lisa Troyer leading us in worship, second is Cindi Ferrini, she turned her head just as I clicked... and the third is as the women started arriving. There were about 325 women there.

Believe me when I say awesome! I was the "special feature speaker" but the main speaker was Cindi Ferrini from Cleveland.  Wow she knocked it outta the park for sure! My dear friend Lisa Troyer was the special music and worship gal. God is using that woman so much. She loves God, and flows in her worship/music and in the spirit and also in spontaneity.

I just love when I can spend time with ladies that love God! So, thanks to all of you ladies that attended the conference, you were a great audience, and very kind.

So, my friends, please be praying for the right publisher and agent to want to work with me. Also be praying as more speaking events are popping up for me. I love doing them, and want God to be glorified!

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