Monday, July 16, 2012


Is anyone still out there reading this poorly neglected blog?

I have been so busy with edits from my editor to get Through My Tears ready to send out to agents and publishers that I have neglected quite a few things.


We are in the process of making some major decisions and that too has claimed my brain. Prayers for wisdom in these decisions are GREATLY appreciated.

I wish I could tell you more, but I don't have a lot to tell. I have been dieting yet again. I have not lost a lot of weight. About seven pounds in a month, but I am losing inches. I have about sixty (yes 60) pounds to lose...yes another small child's worth of weight. I guess I am working toward another "sister". Wandering around out there are at least three of me (enough weight to make three more of me). I am feeling better when I stick to the life style change. I typically eat fresh foods only. Very little if any meat. Lots of beans for the protein. I am noticing that the aching in my hands is lessening when I don't eat breads. ( I LOVE my bread too) I feel less sluggish. I do still have a lot of pain in my feet but most everything else feels better. I have slept without my wrist supports and my hands/arms aren't falling asleep, and waking me up. Soooooo, that is good.

I am so ready to be done working on this book. I need to get busy on the other two I have started. Well actually three. Whew. I tend to do that in my life, start several things and not get anything completed. Oh well.

I did get a great start in my basement. I got two of the three rooms  cleaned up. Still a lot of junk down there, but soon it will all be done. I've gotta use wisdom.

I guess I just wanted to let everyone know I am still kicking. I have spent time on facebook but if we aren't fb friends you have no idea what I have been up to. I will attempt to update this a bot more often.

Be back soon--bye!

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Courtney at RRi said...

Well, at least I'm reading your blog, if it's any consolation. :)

Congratulations on losing seven pounds in a month! That's more of an achievement than you think it is. Sticking to the lifestyle change is the real key, though.

Tony Robbins explains that a need for comfort and certainty is one of our basic human needs--so if you go home and know you can dissolve whatever issues you had during the day through eating, the need is met. However, we can get caught in an unhealthy cycle where we know what we're doing isn't helpful for weight loss, but keep doing it out of want for that comfort. Take a look at this video: It does a great job explaining our different needs and how those sorts of habits develop--and more importantly, how to stop the difference between what we know we should do and what we end up doing.