Thursday, November 22, 2012

Giving Thanks

Happy Thanksgiving to you all! There is so much to be thankful for. Today, at this moment, I have all three of my son's sleeping under our "new" roof. Jordan's unscheduled arrival on Monday has been wonderful. Micah and Christopher were planning on being here, and yesterday Christopher arrived after his classes ended at U of A. The tradition of my hubby, Jeff and our "boys" going rabbit hunting on Thanksgiving morning took place a few hours early since we thought that Jordan was going to have to  leave to go back to Indiana to work today. Apparently he is going to leave later or will be able to stay through Friday. Let's hope for the latter.

My guys love Thanksgiving. I do too. Last night they were working on getting Jeff's old Lionel train set to work. It hasn't run for over 35 years and they worked on it till it ran. It is now happily nestled under our Christmas tree that we put up on Tuesday night. Yes, I have my tree up before Thanksgiving. Trust me this is huge. Jordan wanted to put it up before he had to go back home. We thought he would have to leave yesterday. So, I am pretty tickled that not only Jordan helped without complaint0, but Micah was in there assembling the tree and stringing lights too. It's been fourteen Christmases ago that I had this much help putting up the tree. Liz loved Christmas and she always lent a hand or two.

Our lives have had such a change since our move last month. We love our little home. It is only two bedrooms (down from four) but so homey. I think that it is part of the reason that the boys (men) are home for this holiday. It was important for them to be here.

Micah will be leading worship this Sunday morning at the Uhrichsville Christian Fellowship and this momma will be one happy momma listening to that.

Our family will celebrate with Jeff's mother and sister and family today and tomorrow we will celebrate with my sister and family. Lots of good food (which I better get busy on) and lots of good family time.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all, and may God bless you.

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