Tuesday, November 6, 2012

My world has changed and so has my address.

Wow, my last post was July 25...a lifetime ago. So much has happened! On October 27 we moved  into our new home. It's not a new house, but it is fully remodeled and redecorated. We have downsized. I pitched tons of stuff, and still have more to get rid of.

My last post talked about NOT being a hoarder...ummm, yeah about that. Perhaps I was on the verge (my hubby and sons would say I was) of living that way mostly in the basement. Well I have a nice basement here, and I still have a lot of stuff, but beginning next week, I will be organizing it before the holidays. Most stuff is in boxes and totes--easy to move and organize, and see what I REALLY need and what I DON'T.

I loved the time we lived on the farm, but I am already loving our little brick ranch house. It's so homey. I like new beginnings and redecorating. Updating and so on.

I have promised myself that if I buy something new, I MUST get rid of something old.

In the world of publishing, there is nothing happening. I was not accepted as a client with the literary agency I hoped, and with the move it has all been put on hold. After I am settled I will have to begin my search once again and pray that He will lead me to the right one.

I must press forward, and I will.

I will attempt to blog more often, and post a few photos.

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