Thursday, November 1, 2007

What kind of cereal am I?

In reading Lee Ann Miller's blog she talks about being "Fruit Loopish" (see I got to thinking what kind of cereal am I like?

One thing I know I am not and that is cereal like Lucky Charms..., so sickeningly sweet...nope not me (ask Jeff). Am I like Rice Krispies kind of tasteless and full of air (on certain days yes). Am I more like a high fiber cereal Muselix or Raisin Bran... A little goes a long way. Maybe I am more like Corn flakes? I really don't want to be a flake. How about Cheerios? It simple, yet good for you? Oatmeal? I'm not quite sure. I think I am a big bowl of a mixture, depending on the day and time I can be a jumbled up mixture (that's how I like to eat cereal by the way) a little bit of several kinds because I like them all!

Next thing on my mind: (yes I am using it today) I read Sue's blog (see she had a list going of things she likes, so here goes mine. Not necessarily in order.

I like having my boys all home at the same time (Thanksgiving woo-hoo).

I like to have a relaxing evening home with Jeff. We can eat dinner, and put on our p.j.'s and just be home.

I like to cook one of Jeff's favorite meals and see him eat himself into oblivion.

I like to be inspired.

I like to spend time with friends.

I like to read a good book.

I like the feeling I get when I go to the basement and look at the shelves full of food I have canned. It's rewarding (and tasty).

I like to decorate my house for the seasons. I do snowmen (I have about 500+ in my collection). I do birds, bees and flowers for spring. I do pumpkins (not jack-o-lanterns) and leaves and anything pretty and orange (I am into the oranges the last couple of years) for Fall. And Christmas ooooohhhh I love to decorate for Christmas! Snowflakes, snowmen, and red glass ornaments.... ooooooo pretty!

I love to be organized.... I am still working on this one!

I love serving the Lord! He inspires me!

Whadda ya think Sue K? Oh by the way, I agree with you on the blogging! It keeps me informed about a lot of things, plus I am just NOSEY! I want to know what everyone is up to!

Keep reading and keep the comments coming!

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Sue K. said...

Gee thanks for answering so quickly, I love what you said, they're all good. I agree with quite a few. Epecially since my Kids are all far away!!The kind of cereal I would be?? Is there any called Bedhead in the Morning? I can't think of one I could relate to!