Sunday, October 28, 2007


Married Life Live was a huge hit last night! The food Made by "Queen Jean" was fabulous, and it was a joy to work under her leadership! Jeff had a lot of fun too. He used to help me when I did stuff like that. Kudos to you Jean! We watched Jordan V's baptism this morning. I say watched because we couldn't hear! The sound wasn't turned on in the atrium! I had to hold back the tears!

I saw another friends (Lisa's) daughter baptised too! Jillian I really did enjoy your testimony! (They had the sound fixed second service) What a blessing it is when we get the opportunity to see children baptised. It just boosts your faith.

I have enjoyed working the Group Life table this month. I have seen people that I don't normally get the opportunity to see. (I think I mentioned this in a previous blog) It's still fun!

Well I did get the hair cut (about 8 inches cut off) and highlights. My two Mary friends say it looks "sassy" I really like it and Jeff seems to approve. He said he likes this color better than the red it was. It was actually light golden brown (so says the box). I was hoping for 10 years younger - I think I got at least 7 , but unfortunately the 50 pounds lighter didn't happen. Only the weight of the hair (felt like at least 20). It's fun to do something different, I think women need to kick it up a notch every once in a while. I get bored. I don't seem to have much control over somethings in my life my weight being one of them but by gosh by golly, I can do the hair thing!

I have ribs baking in the oven, can't wait for dinner. Ummmm it smells sooooo good. Chips and salsa were good, but if that's all you had for lunch it leaves something to be desired!!!

I had an interesting time after church today. I went out to get in the van to come home at 12:40 p.m. today only to find my left rear tire almost flat! I'm no rocket scientist, but I do know not to drive on a flat. I called "Super Jeffy" to come to my rescue. He was sleeping (his Sunday nap a little early) he went home from early service. Anyway, he ended up coming back to the church to get me. I figured I'd be without a vehicle for a day or two. He checked the tire (I found the culprit...a screw stuck in the tire) he decided that it was drivable. HE drove my van home, and I followed in his car. Sorry Jessica for going so slow down 39! So the van is home, but no compressor. It's loaned out to a friend. Jeff went to pick it up a little while ago. I assume that I'll have to take it over to get patched tomorrow. Thank God for husbands!!!!

It seems I am not the only one going through a time of testing. I was talking with a friend today and found out that she is having a time of it too. I certainly hope and pray that whatever it is that God wants us to learn, we learn it early in the testing. It really hurts to have to go over it and over it ... I am finding that I have a "fear of man" issue. I am always so concerned about what people will think if I do something. I don't want to be on a pedestal, I just don't want to look like a dork or a fool. I certainly don't understand why things happen the way they do. I just know that while we are going through (yes all the way through) that God will be right there holding or hand, or in some cases carrying us. Lord, let me learn quickly and well! Love ya friend! We need to be true to our calling, just not overdoing it. I'm praying to learn all of that for myself.


Sue K. said...

Is that what hard times are for?? I'll tell ya, I had a few this week. I'm asking God to help me in this stuff, cause it AIN'T fun.
Your right, I have a "super" hubby that comes to my rescue too sometimes.
The ribs sound good, I might have to make some! I look so forward to your blogs, keep them up!

Friends Radio said...

Thanks Becki - for your kindness today and the encouragement I receive by "hearing your heart".
Keep writing. : ) LT