Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Stampin Up, how much fun was that!

O.k. girls, here's your name in my blog: Suzanne, Ruth, Hope, Bethany, Mary, Carol, Jean, Terry, Jodie, Lauren, Erica, Betty and of course Shawn and myself. Needless to say it was really full in my dining room last night! We had lots of fun using our creative juices! I have been a scrap-booker for about eight years now, but this is only the second time I have done stamping. I am still a little slow (thanks Betty and Mary for helping me) but I had a blast. Despite the Yellow Jackets that thought it would be fun to buzz around the light above the table. I know I looked like a "goof" running around the table trying to swat them without anyone getting stung. Poor Mary has had enough stings this Summer/Fall. She decided to see how Yellow Jackets taste on Sunday. Actually, it was in her cup at church on Sunday, Owwwww! I didn't want to have anyone get a taste of ours, they have been doused in bug spray, and still the little critters continue!

I was going to blog last night, but I was to tired to even attempt it. So hopefully today's will do. It was really fun to have everyone in, and prompted me to clean things and move furniture and clean the cobwebs that popped up over night. I was going to hang decorations from them but some of them were hanging so low I was afraid someone would get hurt! Isn't is amazing how those things just appear? I did clean them out of the corners before my boys came home (honest) but somehow they were there in abundance again. I think the critters know winter is coming....Ugh!

It's a blustery day out there today, I don't really feel like going to the basement to clean although I may not have a choice if it's getting flooded. I have not checked yet and it's almost 9:30 a.m. so my day may be planned for me already. I know what is down there on the floor, the cardboard boxes with glassware and baskets, what a mess that will be. I just need to use those wonderful Rubbermaid containers (I should own stock in the company by now) and prevent a lot of anguish on my part. Jeff wouldn't have to say anything to me about what might be happening to the stuff on the floor, it would be well protected in plastic... O.k. I have to go peek down the steps, be right back (I hope).

Oh THANK YOU JESUS! No flood (at this point)

My sister, Suzanne, just called and asked me to pray for both of my nephews. Josh is in San Diego, California. He flew in there yesterday for work, and of course was told he may have to be evacuated because of the fires. Please pray for him, and for his safety. He and his wife Rose, just lost their baby two weeks ago.(Caleb was still born at five and a half months) And my other nephew, Sean, is in Costa Rica as part of his schooling. He called home last night and told his folks that he may have Dengue fever. The group of kids he went with over the weekend to another part of Costa Rica have been suffering from the "fever" since they got back on Sunday. Please pray for that group of kids and of course my nephew Sean.

I am looking forward to helping "Queen Jean" tomorrow at NPCC. WE will be making more apple dumplings for Married Life Live on Saturday. I know that there are over 500 that will be there, whether they are attending or working. That's a lot of apple dumplings, not to mention the other food which I understand is pork tenderloin, potatoes, and veggies, and salad. Jeff and I will be helping to dish things up for the servers. It should be fun. I used to do stuff like that out at Camp Buckeye, and at our old church. We had a small congregation so we had "covered dish" dinners frequently. I do miss that. With NPCC it's virtually IMPOSSIBLE to have a church "carry-in". Can you imagine how many tables of food we'd have if all the families would participate?????? Wow!

I think I'm going to sport a new look! I'm going to cut these stringy tresses, and highlight them! Who knows... I can control the hair, not the weight. I think that I'm looking a little old for such long hair, it's down to the middle of my back. While I love long hair, I'm not sure how complimentary it is on me. I wish I could find a hair style that would make me look 10 years younger, and 50 pounds lighter. Big job huh? It'll be fun to see people's expression with the change ... ha!

I know this is not anything very deep, my mind won't go there today. It's trying to get through the aches and pains brought on by the weather front coming through. Ohhhh the pain of it all! I'm moving a little slower today, and may not get a lot accomplished. I need to work on my writing. I am just not sure what part to work on. Pray! I better go check the basement again, the wind has shifted.

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Sue K. said...

I love this e-mail! I feel like I'm sitting in your living room drinking coffee and my feet proped up on a coffee table. Somedays aren't deep, some days are just ..... Whatever the day, I enjoy visiting you, your a breath of fresh air!!