Sunday, October 14, 2007

My hearts all a twitter...

The toilets are clean, the floors are scrubbed, furniture polished and beds are ready... my babies are coming... one is halfway home the other two are anxious for Thursday. I'm going whacky just waiting. It gives me time to go through the two new piles of junk mail and general junk I seem to collect at a very rapid pace. I soooo wish I were a very clean very organized person. In my mind that is what I think. I guess I organize in my head, just not in actuality.

I don't want to become an obsessive compulsive (well maybe I do) I just am tired of being a S.H.E. (Sidetracked Home Eexecutive) I read a book about it once, matter of fact if I look through the pile of books in my basement (in one of the two rooms I have yet to conquer) I could probably find it if anyone would like to borrow it. I also have several other books on organizing (i.e.) The 15 Minute Home and Family Organizer by Emilie Barnes. It would take longer than 15 minutes to read, and a whole lot more time collecting dust, than it has helped me since I purchased it last fall... Yep that's me!

Or if any of you are interested I also am the proud owner of the book 12 steps To Becoming A More Organized Woman. by Lane P. Jordan. If I need to walk 12 steps to pick up the book and 12 steps to go sit back down on the couch, I have done twice the work the title claims, to no avail. I am still a direct descendant of the queen of piles (my mom) No matter how I try ,them seem to grow with out any help from me. They just appear behind me... beside me... everywhere.

My husband complains, and I get mad, then I clean with gusto, because I am mad. Then I cool off,... and make more piles. I sure am glad he loves me! I promised him before we got married that I would keep everything cleaned up (after he saw my bedroom for the first time) I was soooo sure it would be possible. I would wear my house dresses and heals and pearl necklaces just like Donna Reed, or Harriet Nelson and I would suddenly be Mrs. Clean because I was happily married and was having babies (at an alarming rate). Then I woke up and smelled the diapers, the garbage, the dog, and took a glance at the piles that were also growing in the laundry room. (I swear you may lose socks, but everything else multiplies). My poor brain just could not understand how things like that happen. So, like everything else, I made a list of what needed done, a wonderful menu for the month, grocery lists with only the necessary items needed to follow the monthly menu, then stuck it on top of the nearest pile. I felt rather smug with all I had created on paper, and went ahead with something I enjoyed (not cleaning) probably cooking or baking. I then lost sight of the list, and well...

I've just woken up out of the stupor I was in thinking about cleaning, and have figured If I plan it right, my house may stay clean for at least 12 hours. Not quite a record, but close. I may wake up to an empty sink, and no piles.
Woo-Hoo. I'm still excited I can't wait to you guessed it see my babies! Only two more hours! Yessssssss.

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Sue K. said...

Becki with an I,
I'm so Glad your babies are coming home. I know what that feeling is like. Especially my one in Oregon. The one I see the least. I wish you lots of fun and Love!!!!