Friday, October 12, 2007

Cold gray days inspire me...

Cold gray days inspire me to do things inside. Right now I have pumpkin apple streusel cake going into the oven to take with me to the scrap booking/crop day tomorrow.. I am going to bake something else for here at home too. I need to scrub my kitchen floor, polish my hardwood floor in my dining room, scrub the bathroom floors, do a load of laundry, and if I have energy left I'll work in the basement. I plan to read too. I feel totally inspired. I have gotten so much done this week, that it makes me want to get the rest of the stuff done that I have been putting off. I am getting the itch to paint walls too. I think I'll start in the upstairs hallway in a week or two.

I plan on making a phone call or two to see if I can get some more help with my book. I have a couple of names of possible "coaches" for direction and ideas. I really want to get this done as I felt God spoke to my heart seven years ago to do just that. It's all in His timing I know, I can't just sit around and expect a finished manuscript to simply appear. It will take a little more effort on my part. Pray for me please.

I'm still really excited to be seeing my boys this week beginning Sunday night. Then in another week it'll be back to the empty nest. On October 24 my dad will have surgery to remove his bladder as the cancer is pretty bad. I hope he'll be able to get into a good nursing home to recover. I have a feeling that it may be more than just a recovery time though. We'll see. I'm not exactly looking forward to that.

On November 10th. I will be flying to Washington DC to visit with Micah and then to share at Cornerstone's women's group on the 13th. I am looking forward to that. I seem to be getting tested on the forgiveness issue again lately. Not with Matthew V. but with several other things. I hope I'll have a new perspective with which to share.

The oven just beeped so I'm off to bake.... Yippee!

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