Sunday, October 21, 2007


The babies are gone, and it's just us empty nesters again. I 'm so glad we can stand each other. The boys pulled out at 3 p.m. and since that time we have accomplished: washing windows inside and out, killing about 10 yellow jackets (in the house) and covering up the holes on the outside of the house to trap the nasty little critters in their nests. We are going to have small group tonight, so this will be a shorter than usual post.

It was soooo wonderful to see the boys for three whole days. They were able to spend time with some of their friends and visit with some family. It's so hard to get everything done in just three days. They had a tough time leaving. I had a tough time with them leaving. We loaded the car, Chris checked the oil, Jeff checked the tires, the windshield washer fluid was topped off, and so were my tears. I can breathe a little easier this time. Not like when we took them to school the end of August.It took me three days before I was even able to catch a deep breath. We prayed for them and then they were off. They will be about half way by now it's about 5:30 p.m.

Micah called at about 1:30. He was just on his way home from church. He gets there about 6:30 Sunday mornings, to prepare for the three services they have. He's excited about meeting a young woman tomorrow that will audition for the worship team. She is going to play the violin, but is also able to play guitar and keyboard. She is the daughter of one of the other pastors there at Cornerstone. He told me that he bought tickets for he and I to go up in the Washington Monument while I am visiting. I am really looking forward to going. While I'm there I'll have opportunity to visit with more of the staff, and some of Micah's friends too.

I am having a few people in tomorrow for a "Stamping Up" party. If I didn't invite you please don't be offended. I have limited space and will probably have another one in the Spring. Let me know if you're interested! I been fixing some goodies for tomorrow, but will take a break to go to Small Group. Time's a tickin so I'm gonna grab some dinner and change my clothes. Off to Small group. If you wonder what Small Group is all about check out the and look at the Small Group tab. It's a blast.

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Sue K. said...

Sorry I missed your stamping party, I was in WV Fri. through Sun.