Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Is this an amazing photo? I just stepped out the front door and snapped it! Wow! It looks like the sky is on fire. Just thought I'd share this with you. I finally figured out how to
put a picture on here. I am technically challenged!

What an amazing day it has been. Sometimes we need to do something to help someone else, to receive the blessing that God has for us. I went to NPCC today and helped Jean make about 75 apple dumplings, and will go back again tomorrow to make that many more. It made me feel useful, and I had a lot of fun. Jean has her hands full catering the Married Life Live event at the church on Saturday. Right now they are sold out of tickets. Jean is preparing food to feed about 534 people! It is amazing to me what she is able to accomplish. She's been making dumplings for about two weeks and freezing them. I am SURE all the food will be wonderful! I've been wanting to go out and help her do stuff, but selfishly I haven't because I wanted to do my own thing.

When I got home after helping Jean and visiting a few friends at the church, I had a message from Denise from our small group. Her grandma died and they needed some help with the food for after the funeral. I am thrilled to be able to help. I really miss doing things like that. I did it for many years at our old church, and for the last four years I haven't done much of that type of thing. There will be a small group so not much to prepare for, only about 20 people. I'll make a little extra just in case!

Jordan called home last night. Jordan and I at IWU's nursing dedication Sept. '07
He was really excited about something that had happened after his mid-term evaluation for his nursing Clinicals. He said that his Clinicals advisor had something to give him after class. He was a little unnerved at that point because he had no idea what was happening. When he went in she said she had something to give him. It was a letter that a woman had sent to the hospital where he is doing Clinicals in Huntington. IN. The letter was from his very first patient. This woman was so encouraging to Jordan when he met her and worked with her. She kept telling him what a great job he was doing and he was going to be a terrific nurse. Everything he did for her just kept getting that type of reaction. It ended up that she wrote to the hospital and told them about Jordan, and added a letter that she wanted them to make sure Jordan received. His advisor was so excited, and told him that she had never received anything like that since she began teaching. She asked his permission to copy this letter so she could share it with other classes, and with other professors! How exciting! She told Jordan that if he ever questioned if he had chosen the right vocation, this should let him know he was on the right path!
That's my boy!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Sue K. said...

You should be SO proud, what an excellent report!! The picture was beautiful too. I took a few of those yesterday too!