Tuesday, October 9, 2007

More on friends...

I just spent an afternoon visiting with some very special people. I had lunch with Jessica, then went to NPCC and talked to Cindy, Anita, Jane, Todd, Chad, Vern, Mary and Jean. These are people that I used to work with at NPCC. Since quitting my job the end of June I don't get to see them very often and I really miss them, and all that they added to my life! Thanks gang!

I have been going through trial after trial lately and tend to see only what I am going through. On Monday I took my dad to Aultman hospital for the third surgery on his leg since June. I am a little discouraged because of the way he doesn't try to really help himself. After he was out of surgery I went to see him in ICU to make sure all was well, then left. At that point I went to another waiting room there at the hospital to visit with Dwight, and his dad, Jim, (one of my VERY VERY FAVORITE PEOPLE) because Jim's wife, Marie, was having surgery. They recently found out that she had cancer in her colon. They removed a cantaloupe sized tumor from her colon, and also found that it had affected her stomach and small intestine which had to be repaired. What a difference in those two situations! One waiting room was quiet and subdued (where I was) and then the room where all of Marie's family sat (It was packed!) There was life in that room! Even though Marie was in surgery and the prognosis was somewhat grim, the people in that room represented life and Jesus! They all prayed before Marie's surgery with Jim leading the prayer.

While my heart aches for them, and all that they face, I have this feeling that I should feel a little worse for my dad. No he doesn't do anything to help his situation, he doesn't even follow the doctors orders the majority of the time, it made me think about how I feel. I never had a good relationship with my dad. He was never interested in being a dad, never took much responsibility for the family. It was tough because we moved all the time. I personally went to 11 schools and moved 21 times before I was married. I guess that the respect level I have for my dad doesn't compare to what the Word of God says it should be. I need to pray for him, and forgive him for all of the things that happened over the years. It's really hard to understand how I can forgive the man that murdered my daughter, but I have a hard time forgiving my dad. Hmmm.... something to pray about.


Jessica said...

It was so great to get together with you Tuesday. We need to make sure that we don't wait so long next time. And I love your blog. I'm looking forward to reading what you have to say...and what God says to you!

Sue K. said...

It's been 50 years since my mother walked out on family and I. I still have a hard time with that. Just when I think I have forgiven her, she pops up in my life and does something stupid to me all over again. I know what your feeling about your dad, how does God want us to deal with that? How do we respond to someone who only gave birth to you? Is it because they are always there? Why is it so hard? Prayer is the only answer I have.