Monday, January 28, 2008

Ok, so I am back to having "sassy" hair. Got it cut and highlighted today.....
ahhhhh it feels so much better! I was hoping for the looking thinner, looking younger thing to happen, but oh well, at least I have the gray hair covered!

I am feeling a little more encouraged. I have received a few positive "reviews" on the writing that I did the other day, and even spent time with a friend today. That was encouraging! We poured our hearts out to each other about a bunch of "stuff" and I felt a bit better by the time she left! It's just nice to know that when you're going through something and feel kind of like the Lone Ranger, that isn't the case. There are other people that are feeling the same things that I am! Thanks friend for your words, and critique!

I am feeling a bit old today knowing that my nasty 48th Birthday is just around the corner. It makes me wonder where all of those years went! Sheeesh, I am getting so old. The oldest I have ever been! Well, I am sticking to the belief that with age comes WISDOM! Right Lord? Please let that be right Father God! I could use a little wisdom, or a lot would be better.

I am going to Archiver's on Thursday! I am so stoked!!!! Mary and I are going and I think Carol G. too. Not sure about anyone else, but hey, we will have a blast. I am getting pretty excited about the Circle of Friends Women's conference too. I mentioned this in an earlier blog. It's right around the corner. (see check it out girls, it should be great.

We had small group last night, the first one in 2008. I know we're behind, but we did meet and had a great meeting. Thanks everyone! We've got a great group. We've been together for a long time.( Since 40 Days of Community) I know that we are supposed to meet for a time then hopefully the group will split and multiply. I think we will do this eventually, but we are really getting into some good Bible studies and I feel that we are growing. I am sure that we will eventually grow into a couple of groups, but for the time being we're here! We should be hearing from our Small Group Coaches soon. I am anxious to see who our new coach will be.

We're going through a rough time with my dad again. He just had his eighth surgery since last year at this time. It's not been a fun experience. He is so stubborn and set in his ways. He just doesn't want to cooperate and do as he's instructed. He does it while he's in the hospital, but when left to his own devices he's really messing up. He is currently in the nursing home, but we don't know how long he'll be there. He is his own worst enemy at this point. Please pray for him, and for my sister and I (and my brother too) We have to make a few decisions and need wisdom in how to broach the subject of what happens from this point. I don't like this responsibility! None of us do.

Still no books for my classes! I keep hoping I'll get a back order date, but none have popped up via my e-mail. I guess that means that I need to continue working on the manuscript. I have a couple more ideas, but not a lot. My imagination needs stirred. Another prayer request for you! I can feel the thoughts bouncing around in my head, I just haven't captured them yet. Remember that wisdom that I mentioned a couple of paragraphs ago? I sure could use some here!

Ok, it's jammie time, so I'm done for tonight. I need my "beauty sleep" every bit helps believe me. The coyote howling last night creeped me out, and I had goofy dreams after that, so I need a good night's sleep tonight! See ya! zzzzzzzzzzz

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