Saturday, January 26, 2008

Practice, practice, practice.

Yes, that is what I am doing practicing.

Exactly what I am practicing for is the real question. In the past several days my mind has been going several directions. I was prepared to begin my "classes" via the Internet/computer course. Only to figure out on Monday that my books, DVDs and other things ordered have been on back order! Bummer!!!!

I have waited 27 1/2 years to pick up where I left off, and now I am in a hurry. Explain that? What difference will a week or two make now? I guess when you get yourself so "psyched" to start something, then find out that you aren't going to start it, it's a HUGE disappointment. Maybe this is God's way of preparing me for some things. So, in the mean time, I have decided to paint my living room. I had to sit on my hands Thursday when I thought about ripping off the boarder in that room. I have a tendency to be a person that will pick at a loose end, until I have worn a hole, or torn it. There is a corner that has come "un-glued" and I can't stand it! But, since January, when I came to the conclusion that I need to "finish things" I decided that it was not time. Oh man, that corner is really bugging me!!!!

I have about a hundred other things that need to be done before I start pulling things off the wall, but my brain goes into the "oh, let's do that mode" and I'm off on another tangent. OK, so as of this morning I started to attempt something else. Re-writing Through The Tears. It's only an attempt. For those of you that received it to critique it, I need to hear from you! Please be honest, not kind (well kind would be nice too) just tell me!
I have a little calendar on my desk that one of the people from GriefShare gave me, it's one of those day by day flip calendars. Today's says:
I bet that Van Gogh guy cut off his ear by accident and made up the "lost love" story so he wouldn't look stupid. (written by Andy Pierson).
That pretty well says how I am feeling at the moment. I am feeling Van Gogh-ish. It may sound silly, but I bet it made you smile and/or you could relate.


Sue K. said...

You are not old till you let yourself get old. Don't even go there! You are going to be 24 with 24 years experience!!!!! Have you read my blog lately??

Andy said...

Hello Becki,

Hey, I am Andy Pierson. I was hoping you could give me information on where I can find the flip calender that has one of my sayings on it. Is the Van Gogh the only one they used? Any feedback would be great. Thanks