Wednesday, February 6, 2008

My Heart

I can honestly say that I know what makes my heart sing.That is being an instrument that God uses. Last night we had our last GriefShare (there are 13 classes per session), it was amazing. That marks the fourth time we have offered the class and I have facilitated or co-facilitated a group. The first time we had to have out group every other week because of the emotional exhaustion we felt. It was the first time Jeff and I had participated in any type of grief support.The next time it was offered we had someone else facilitate, but we filled in at times. Then we offered it last Spring. Jeff and I facilitated that one then another offering in the fall of 2007, which concluded last night. We will begin another round of classes on March 18, 2008, so if you or anyone you know is interested please call the church at 330-602-5600 and ask for Chad Stutzman, or you may comment here on the blog.
It is such a wonderful thing when you feel God binding you together with the people in the group. We ended the group feeling like a family. My heart is so full this morning. This was our largest gathering of people for GriefShare in the beginning, but we ended with so many less that we began with. It is sometimes difficult for people to attend because it is so emotional. Sometimes people begin to soon, sometimes people are simply not ready to deal with their loss because that is how they identify themselves. I can relate to that because I sometimes think of myself as the mother of the girl that was murdered. That is not who I am, that is what happened to Liz.
Last night we had a time of food and fellowship, the watched the DVD,(the topic was Heaven) then we had our time of sharing our loved ones through pictures, and stories. I had a memory box for each participant, then we lit a candle to represent the light that each person represented in our lives. It was a real time of healing, tears and remembering. I also had long stemmed rosed complete with thorns, and read the story "Be Thankful for the Thorns".
We gathered together in a circle and closed the meeting in prayer, each of us praying for the person on each side of us, and feeling a peace beyond this earth in our hearts.
What a blessing to be involved in such an amazing opportunity. It is beyond incredible to see how each person is able to heal, and grow during this time. From the minute they walk in the doors their first time to when they leave the after the final class, they are truly different people. God has been able to meet them right where thay need to be met. I am so blessed to have been asked to serve in such a capacity. It has brought so much into my life including all of the people that are now a part of our "family". Thanks Chad for making this class available to our community. God is certainly moving in this place.

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