Friday, February 15, 2008

Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day!
I don't really celebrate Valentine's Day with a bunch of fru-fru. I usually fix a nice dinner, and set the table with nice dishes and of course candles. I did this when all of the kids were still home, to make it special for everyone! Tonight was no different other than the fact that I only had to set the table for two.

It was pretty and tasty! I have to admit though that I wouldn't have much of a reason to celebrate Valentine's Day if I didn't have Jeff! Oh how I love that man! We've been married for 26 years and he can still make me laugh! If you are anything like I am, that is one important factor in a marriage! I know my kids think their dad and I are a little crazy, they just don't understand the humor we have. Jeff and I only knew each other for six months before we got married, but we both fell pretty hard and knew after the first month that we would consider marriage. Oh, we've had some rough times to be sure, but the good times far out-weigh the bad. We have grown a lot in our relationship (I would hope!) We have survived a tragedy, and lived to testify about it. Thank you Jesus!

I am getting myself mentally prepared for the Women's Conference that starts tomorrow evening. I am really looking forward to it. I have heard Carol Kent speak before, and really enjoyed her. I am also signed up to attend her seminar called Communicating So People Will Listen. I am hoping to glean some wonderful suggestions to put to use when Jeff and/or I go to share our testimony.
I am hoping too to meet a woman that is already a published author. Her name is Missy, and my friend Lisa is going to introduce us in the hope that perhaps Missy will be able to give me some valuable suggestions about my book. By the way I have been working on it this week once again. That is exciting to me because I have been "waiting on God" since the end of June. In my mind, God is the only one that knows what is rolling around in this head of mine, and it's taken Him seven and a half months to get things sorted through all of the stuff rolling around in that "pink fluff" before He could settle me down long enough to write. So keep praying all of you that ask me "how is the book going?" It's finally in forward motion.

I don't know how many of you are dog lovers, but I'll have you know that we own the same type of dog that won "Best in Show" at the Westminster dog show! Yes, and I have to tell you that our dear little Buzz (our Beagle) has copped an attitude since he heard who won. He suddenly thinks that he should be included in our Valentine's dinner, he sat beside Jeff and whined the entire meal. He never does that. He thinks that since Beagles are so special and win dog shows they all need to be treated like royalty! He wanted to have the same Shrimp cocktail, steak, red potatoes, asparagus and parmesan bread sticks as we had. Here is a picture Jeff took of him as he walked around the table. He is so spoiled, but we love him

Well, I should close for tonight, it's almost bedtime and believe me I need my beauty sleep tonight. I need as much help as I can get because I did a no-no. I ate shrimp and I am allergic to them, so if you see me over the weekend and I am scratching my face like crazy you'll know why! Just don't laugh to hard when you see me!

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