Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The long awaited e-mail

I finally received the e-mail that I have been waiting for! Here is a portion of it, I read it last night after I got home from my last GriefShare session for this cycle.

Greetings, Becki:

RE: Writing invitation for Devotions, the daily devotional magazine of Standard Publishing.This is your official invitation to write 7 devotionals for the SUMMER 2010 issue of Devotions. The due date for the assignment would be August 10, 2008, and total payment would be Standard’s rate for all devotional writers.
(You’d have about 6 weeks to write.) You would receive a Work-for-Hire contract (all rights sold to Standard Publishing). Your devotions will appear in print in several formats and also on the Internet at
Please indicate your response, within 3 days, by replying to me with an email that includes your home address and phone number. (And ask questions, too, if you like . . . )
If you agree to accept this assignment, our Administrative Services Department will send you a contract by snail-mail (within 2 weeks). I will also quickly send out the Writer’s Packets so you can get started on the assignment. The Packet will include all the necessary information and Writer’s Guidelines you’ll need. And, of course, it will indicate the Bible passages for the devotionals you will write.

Thank you so much for considering this invitation … and I hope you’ll say “Yes”!

Woo-hoo! Thank you Jesus. I was getting a bit nervous thinking maybe he had changed his mind. I was a bit taken aback when I realized that I was writing for summer of 2010. Wow that seems so weird.
I doesn't really matter when it is published, just the fact that they offered me the opportunity makes it amazing to me.

On to other things... I mentioned that I had my last GriefShare session last night. What an amazing and emotional evening it was. I didn't take a sample of a collage, I felt that each person needed to make what was in their hearts, and not try to make one like mine. That was wisdom from God! They were all very different, and all very special. We then went forward after they were completed and shared them with the group. They introduced us to their loved one, lit a candle to signify their life, and received a rose. It was so moving and emotional. We ALL cried, and grew closer to each other. A few people brought family members with them, and it was awesome to see their reactions, and to watch them work together on the collages. We ate together first, then watched the last session DVD about Heaven, then had a discussion. That part was interesting because someone came in late, and had a lot on his heart. He was pretty confrontational, but God knew what needed to be said and who there needed to say it. I am so proud of those people that spoke from their hearts, and from their experiences. I believe that man left with some things to think about. Thanks so much to all of you that were there.

What a privilege it is to be a part of something like that, that truly helps people on the road to healing.

Today, I get to gather with my small group to purchase things for the homeless shelter. We are participating in NewPointe's Big Give. We were given $400.00 to do something "Big Give" worthy, we had to submit our idea to the "board" for approval. We received our okay last Thursday, I'll go today to pick up the money. After purchasing the items,we will assemble our packages together, then deliver them as a group. We are planning a cookout at the shelter for the residents too on the day we deliver them. It should be fun, and an opportunity to grow together as a group, as well as to be a blessing to those at the shelter.

Serving, it's such a blessing!

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Tina said...

Wow, how awesome! God is using you my dear in many ways and ones that I'm sure surprises even you.
What a blessing you are to so many just by being honest and willing to share your life with others
Love ya