Monday, July 7, 2008

Finally a nice day!

Does it seem like summer has been lacking around here? This has been a very unusual summer as far as I am concerned. Although it is kind of like my emotions have been, sort of different every other day.

I have been invited to write for a book to be published in Spring of 2009 (next year) it is a book that is being written by Gary Chapman and James Stuart Bell. It is titled : Love Lessons: Everyday Acts of Love That Change Lives.
I am praying about whether I should write something or not. I have had so many positive remarks and encouragement, and them someone threw another thought into the process, so I am not positive if I should go ahead with this or not. Any thoughts? I want to make sure this is something that can be a blessing to the people that read my portion, but I also want God to receive the glory. The book is sort of like a Chicken Soup for the Soul type book, but not concentrated about God. Here is the excerpt from the invitation:

The story should include descriptive character development, especially related to the soul; how emotions, perspective, and quality of life changed based on the interactions between people. We prefer stories to be in first person, based on your personal experience of growth. But “as-told-to” stories will be considered. These stories do not have to include God in them and, if they do, God should not be the focus. We will be appealing to both the Christian and secular markets with the message of how to love others from a human perspective, so please eliminate Christian jargon.

So, perhaps you can see my predicament? I need true wisdom on this subject. While it is a tremendous opportunity, I am not sure what to do. Please, if any of you can give me ideas or share your wisdom let me know!

On to other things... it has been so nice having Micah home for the week. He has to go back to Virginia on Wednesday morning, so his vacation is almost over. It's been fun cooking for all of my guys and seeing them enjoy eating. We had a family reunion on Saturday, and had a lot of food there, as well as the rest of the stuff for the long holiday weekend. I am attempting to get back in the swing of things again with my diet. I was afraid to get on the scales this morning, so I will wait until tomorrow. I have been pretty good today. I had only 18 more pounds to go to get to my goal, and I don't want to have to lose the same pounds all over again1 Ugh...

Got to see my cousin/good friend from high school today. We were really good friends in high school, and said way back then that our kids would call us Aunt Cassie and Aunt Becki. Funny thing is, now I am really related to her my husband and she are first cousins, but we still call each other "Aunt" even though were really cousins. Goofy I know! It has been a year since I saw Cassie and the girls Katie and Maddie (16 and 14) and I was so shocked at how tall they are! They are both 6 feet or over. (I must have gotten in the wrong line because I am soooo short!) It's just not fair!

Well, Jeff wants to go for a walk, and as much as I don't want to go, I know I need to, so I'll see you later!

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