Thursday, July 24, 2008

A stressful week

Don't you just love it when you are awakened at 5:40 AM on a Monday morning with a phone call, stating that your father has been taken via ambulance to the Emergency room. You get there can't find him for a little while, still don't know what is going on for about 20 minutes, only to find out very little. You wait in the outpatient surgical waiting room, for a short while... End up spending the remainder of the day sitting with a totally groggy/sleeping 78 year old man in ICU. (He is going to be fine by the way) We found out he had a severe case of colitis brought on my poor circulation. UGH.

Then you get to take your mother to another hospital on Tuesday morning (picked her up at 6:15 AM) for surgery. She and my father are divorced, but they usually know what each other is doing. At this point, my mother still does NOT know about my dad. We didn't want anything to get in the way of this much needed surgery for my mom. After she is released today, we may tell her. She already ended up spending another night in the hospital than was originally expected. Not been a great week.

Then, I realized on Monday night that my garden has decided that NOW would be a good time to put out a yield of string beans that need to be picked and canned. I gave away as much as I could in a short time and canned and cooked the rest... for the moment. I should have another half bushel/bushel ready on Friday. I have beets to process today. I think the rest will wait a day or two before being ready. WHEW!

I am still waiting to hear from Strang Communications as to whether they are interested in publishing my book. They said I should hear from them by this week, but we'll see... I want to be hopeful, to be excited, to believe that this may be the one, but I have been warned by many an author not to get your hopes up. The tendency is to not locate a publisher easily. Even the best authors have received rejections, so far I have been to 5 publishers, and been rejected by all of them, maybe this one will be the positive one, maybe not. I have certainly learned a lot in this process. 5 publishers is actually very few. I know that one woman was rejected (I think she said) 42 times before she found a publisher for her book. Oh, my! I truly hope that won't be the case, but I need to prepare myself for that happening.

Another lousy thing that happened is I gained 2 stinking pounds. I have worked so hard to lose this weight, and then as the stress kicks in, I gain weight. Makes me feel like screaming.

Sorry about the complaining, I guess I needed to vent (to the whole world).

I am guessing, actually I know that this is the point that I need to double my prayer/devotional time to gain a bit of strength, and sanity.

Oh, here is some good news. My nephew Josh is back home from Iraq!!!!!!! Hallelujah. He came home early (he was there as a civilian, working for the Gov't) to go to the Mayo Clinic with his wife Rose. Rose has a very rare type of cancer called MPD (a blood disorder). She saw the world renown specialist, and received a very positive report. THANK YOU JESUS!

I have rambled and complained enough. I just figured that I needed to vent, and also blog since it had been a week and a half...oops!

Hey, my living room looks great! I love the color. Chris has painted his new
house too. In the first picture you can see the back half of the living room done, then see the front half with the cutting in done. It was bland white, but I did have a boarder. Now it is a warm color called Bagel. I love it! What a difference it makes. Here are mid and finished pictures.

The color in the pictures truly does not do it justice. I mentioned Chris's house. He is now living in the "shed" where Micah used to be. Micah packed up his stuff when he was home on vacation (not real happy about it) but he did it. Chris chose a really dark gray. I wasn't sure I would like it, but it think it's okay now. I'll post pictures of that next time. My next project will be to turn Chris's old room into the "guest room". I have decided on paint colors, I got two quilts, and am collecting furniture from my sister, our storage unit and another couple of pieces I have here. It's going to be very "antiquey looking" I am really enjoying doing this. Kinda therapeutic. Well I better get a move on, laundry to fold beets to pick and can...yippee.
For some reason the pictures won't line up right, so sorry for the goofy layout.

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