Thursday, July 31, 2008


Thursday my sister told me about a past acquaintance of mine. It was actually my sixth grade homeroom teacher from Central Elementary in New Phila. He actually remembered me, and he was the one that brought it up. You see it was in 1971-72. Not that he is that old (really) it's just that I was in his first class the year he began teaching, so for him to actually remember me with all of the students he's had over the past "few years" is a surprise.
The thing that my sister said that he remembered specifically was that I was a "religious" person! I used to carry my Bible to school, and he remembered that! Then Suzanne had the opportunity to fill him in on what has been happening in my life (after he asked), and she told him about Liz, and that it was my "FAITH" that helped get me through that time! What an opportunity to witness. It appeared that he and his wife were touched after she relayed the information.

I guess we really don't now what we do that speaks to people. It's been so many years since I was in his class, and to find out now was so very encouraging. I also received an e-mail from another girl this past week. She used to come to our house and visit with her family. They are from Cincinnati. She is a couple of years older than Liz, but she and her sisters were good family friends that we have not sen in years. Anyway, she e-mailed me this past week and told me how much something that I had written here in this very blog that touched her. My greatest hope is for this to be an instrument that God can use to touch many.

Jeff called me today to find out what this blog address is so that another friend of ours could read it. I was surprised once again that he would be interested. I was even surprised to find out that Jeff reads this! I also found out that my oldest son has read it too. Surprise surprise!

I have had another week that I truly do not care to repeat. I won't bemoan all of it, but please keep us in prayer.

I am going bonkers waiting to hear from the publisher. When I received the e-mail from Sue she said I should hear from them with in the next week. That will be three weeks this Tuesday. Every minute that passes I am more convinced that they too will pass on publishing my manuscipt. If they were really excited about it, they would have contacted me by now, so, back to the publisher listings for me I think. BUMMER!

I do have to buckle down to finish the devotionals. They are due by August 10. And I need to polish the story I am sending to Gary Chapman and James Stuart Bell. Maybe something will happen from that connection!?

I am nearly ready to begin working on my new guest room within the next few days. I have already gotten a few things, but the rest will have to come from my "archives" of stuff. I find doing that kind of stuff very cathartic, plus it lets my "artistic self" feel artistic I guess. It's fun.

Right now I am fighting for foot room under my desk. It has started to storm and I have a scared beagle hiding under my feet! What a crazy pup.
We are under a severe thunderstorm warning until 8:15 I don't particularly care for storms, but Buzz is a real hoot at the moment. At least I won't have to water my flowers and the garden. I have begun canning beans and beets and have made a small batch of fresh salsa. Oh my is that salsa wonderful. I smell like a garlic factory, but I have really happy taste buds.

Sunday our church NewPointe Community Church ( is doing something out of the ordinary. We are NOT having church we are going to BE THE CHURCH. WE are doing things for people like a community service project see the web site to see some of the other things we have done (The Big Give tab) features some of the things we did. Our small group is one of the groups that has pictures on there. We took in supplies to the homeless shelter our pictures are of our small group around my dining room table assembling our baskets, and also the back of my van has stuff we delivered too. Check it out. Anyway, I think our group is going to do some yard work, gutter cleaning, and some other things for some Senior citizens in the area. It should be fun. I will post pictures this next week of our group. So, if you live in Tuscarawas County and see people out doing things on Sunday if they are wearing bright yellow t-shirts that say go-08 Community Outreach that is a part of NewPointe's parishioners reaching out to our community! Make sure you at least honk to show your support.

Well, I need to fluff and fold some more laundry. Until next time...

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Tina said...

This is the first I've caught up on your blog for a while. Sorry to hear you are stressed, but you are putting yourself out there for the world to see and being blessed so that you can be a blessing.
Sadly, the stress often accompanies that. Blahhh, I hate that part. I'll be thinkin' of you.
I'm sure you'll hear from the publisher. You have a story that needs to be told.
See ya soon