Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Aging gracefully?

I don't know how graceful I am at doing it, but I am most assuredly aging! Know how I know? Besides looking in the mirror and looking at my drivers license...

I just came in from weeding all of my flower beds (except for one that I forgot) see senility is there too! I am now nursing every aching muscle I have, that could be affected by bending over, stooping down, pulling out, lifting up and carting away. Owwww! Not to mention that my Fibro is going bonkers in my shoulders and elbows. I think I am falling apart.

Another thing that let's me know how old I am is that my middle son, Jordan, is 21 today! Shoot, now he's a full fledged adult! That kinda stinks if you know what I mean? I cannot believe how fast they grow up. I am trying desperately to let them grow up, and to let go. Matter of fact I am kinda paranoid about that. I don't want to over-do motherhood!

I am not a control freak, I am not (as my brother so kindly pointed out on Saturday) a neat freak. I do like to see ducks in a row, but there seems to be weeds growing around them. (That is the flower bed I missed) If I was a control freak I would want everything done (well I want it done, but it doesn't get there) I would want to control everything, but I find I am seriously lacking in having anything under control!

I have also decided that I am excellent at multi-tasking. I figured that out by doing my daily activities, start one thing and end up doing 15 other things as I go from room to room... Anyone else like that? My sister and I claim to have ADD. I changed it from ADD to ADOS (Attention Deficit...Oooooh Shiny) ever since I saw the little "Pieces of Flair" on Facebook. Yes, I have a Facebook page! And a Myspace page too!

See I can't stick to just one thing!

My hands are an absolute mess! No long nails, grass stained, hangnails, and dirt under what little nails I do have, Ohhhh I hate that. I say that because I am looking at my poor hands as I type. One thing I do like, is to have my hands look nice... well, I am seriously lacking on that at the moment. I don't want to take the time or spend the money to get my nails done, as I usually do. I have other things I'd like to spend the money on...

Ewwww, even my hands look old!

Like buying stuff for the guest room! That means SHOPPING! I am itching to get started in that room, but Jeff thinks I need to wait until both boys are back to school. Jordan left yesterday, and Chris is waiting until the 30th to go. So that means I have to wait! Ugh! I hate waiting. I am still waiting to hear from the publisher, and I am not doing that very well.

Complain, complain. complain...whine, whine, whine...One of my favorite things to do (I have many favorites)

Let me see where was I? Oh, I remember, I think... I was shopping yesterday and found a few things. I also purchased material to make a quilted dresser scarf, and table scarf for the quest room. The colors are so pretty! Here are pictures I have to many things I want to do so I don't know how much I will actually get done.

The ones on the left are for the guest room, the ones on the right are for my living room, or somewhere... I loved the colors.

As I was copying my pictures from my camera to post the pictures above, I ran across these of Jeff. He apparently took them of himself when we visited Micah in Virginia in May. I thought you might get a kick out of them. I'm sure he never imagined I'd post them on here when he took them! Ha! Now you see what I have to put up with... a goofy but lovable husband!
I should quit playing around here and get back to work. I still have a lot to do today, if my creaky achy body will let me!


Angie said...

Hi Becki,

I wanted to stop in and say hi and thanks for visiting my blog...then I got to reading your I am amazed by your strength. I don't know how you do it. I am including you in my prayers tonight...please stop by again anytime.


Tina said...

Oh well, aging, what choice do we have. Hey glad you've met Angie, from Sandals and Daisies, she's a sweetie.
Anyway, please show the dresser scarf when you are done. Those are all my favorite colors. Also, your hubby is a hoot with those pics.
Have a wonderful day and I hope all those aches and pains subside.