Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Is it really September?

I simply cannot believe that summer is over. This past Friday we took Christopher to school. Actually he drove too, but we had to take my van to take the furniture he and Jordan wanted since futons and recliners do not fit in very full Jetta's!

I cannot believe that we are "empty nester's" again. It was pretty nice having Jordan and Chris home for the summer, and Micah will be here late Thursday night. He has a wedding that he is singing in over this upcoming weekend.

Jeff and I went to the lake again on Saturday morning. We took Buzz with us again. Buzz seems to have adjusted pretty well to "life on a houseboat", but I am still suffering with vertigo. I seem to be fine while I am on the boat, it's the days after I am off that I am totally messed up. Anybody have any suggestions? I tried Dramamine... NOPE, it didn't work! I just feel kinda loopy.

I am gearing up for the new cycle of GriefShare that will begin tonight.It will be at NewPointe Community Church, at 7PM to 8:30-9 depending on how many people are there and if our discussion lasts a while longer. I am not sure how many will be attending, but it never fails to be just the right people that God wants there. It's tough sometimes because I get so involved with these folks, they feel like family. It's hard when they no longer need to come to the sessions as they are able to move on. I miss them all terribly! I am excited to see God move in the lives of those that will be there. I am excited about each time we have a new cycle. God gives me new ideas about special things to do to help people understand what is happening. There are so many different layers to grief, and just when you think you are "through", something else happens and you suddenly feel that you have made no strides to getting past the first struggle.

I think the thing I love the most is when you see a person or people start to really participate, and then after a few sessions, you are able to see and hear that they are growing in grace, and that the healing process is once again moving ahead. Sometimes we feel like we get stuck, and we'll never get any better, then God takes us by surprise and our spirit begins to soar. It is like watching a butterfly emerge from it's cocoon. It is a slow process, and you cannot rush it. Only when the butterfly has had sufficient time to emerge, shake out it's wings, let them dry, and then it can fly. NOT BEFORE! If you touch a butterfly's wings before it flies it will NEVER be able to! The oils from our hands, and the removal of the protective coating that God puts on the wings will be destroyed. I want to be the the branch it rests on as it grows stronger, and then launches from.

Well since it is September, I suppose I should accept the fact that Fall is soon to arrive. I love the colors of Fall. I am planning to get my Fall decorations out this week, I have a ton of plain pumpkins, and colorful leaves and arrangements. I get my mums and a scarecrow or two. The only thing I don't like about Fall is that Winter is soon to follow! UGH!!!!!!!!!

My projects are mounting, but I'll get the guest room started soon, and then the hallway. I have many Christmas projects I need to work on. I am having a Silpada Jewelry party next Monday night. If you'd like to come let me know! You're welcome.

I am preparing to help with the 1st Wednesday dinner preparation at church tomorrow. I'm not sure what Jean has in mind to serve, but trust me when I say it'll be really good. Jean has quite a talent and flair when it comes to these things. We will be having Married Life Live in less than two weeks, and she really goes to town then! Ummm yummy stuff. It is a lot of work for her, and for everyone that helps, but it has been a "raving success" each and every time. If you are interested go to www.newpointe.org for details.

I have so much to do today, so I need to cut this short. Sorry it's been a while since I updated, just to busy with college prep, canning and life in general. More soon.

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Tina said...

Good to read the update. I'm ready for fall. I love it, but I agree with the yucky winter thing. Not a fan. Anyway, I didn't know that Micah was a singer. Neat. You'll be used well in GriefShare. I'm glad others have you to share with