Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Fall is in the air

Wow, it is really COLD outside this morning! Brrrr. It certainly seems that fall has arrived. Of course, the Fair is next week so what did I expect?

I have pulled out the boxes of fall decorations from the basement, and the barn loft, so I am nearly done with my "harvest" decorating. we do not celebrate Halloween, but I most certainly do celebrate the harvest!
I do live on a farm you know!

Here is my dining room table, I have so many fall tablecloths, I have to try to use them all before I get my Christmas stuff out. It is a challenge, but one I feel I must accomplish, see I told you I am sick!

Here is part of my 'collection" of fall serving dishes. I have to coordinate, everything goes together just like my clothes! UGH, I am sick! I have a few more in the refrigerator with food on them(for the party). Sometimes when I think about my penchant for coordinating I just shake my head! Well Mary my friend, you do refer to me as your disgustingly coordinated friend. I'm afraid it only gets worse!

I so love the colors. I have so many things to put out, that it would look pretty junky if I put them all out, so I have chosen some of my favorites.
Take notice of the pictures above the fireplace. Yep those are my "babies". They are kinda hard to see, but just know that there are three good-looking guys in those pictures! Here are the ages: the one on the left, Micah will be 24 on the 20th. of this month, the one in the middle, Christopher is 19 1/2, and Jordan just turned 21. Sooooo.... I had to make this picture a bit larger than the rest so you could see a few details... (ha!)
This is my entertainment center complete with my Mr and Mrs Scarecrow on the right.

I was having a party on Monday night, but it got cancelled at the last minute because my hostess' husband was in the ER. I hope he is doing better! That is why I hurried my decorating, so I would be fully coordinated for the party.

Note the rust colored pillows on the couch/sofa whatever you want to call it. Our dog Buzz LOVES them. He gets up and burrows under the pillows, or plops on top of them. Oh is he spoiled! I tried to get him to pose, or at least prove I am not fibbing, but he wouldn't get out of the recliner!
And you thought I was kidding?
I think I will be starting a new writing project, well actually I have started. I am writing a series of children's books. Guess who the "star" will be? Jeff gave me the idea about a week ago, and it really clicked! We'll see if this gets faster responses than the other book I wrote. Yep, I am STILL waiting to hear from the publisher. SEVEN WEEKS, yes, 7 and still no word. I have e-mailed them twice, but have received NO response to the e-mails.
No wonder some authors are kinda weird, eccentric. The publishers have done it to them. They were completely normal when they started writing!
GriefShare began last week. This is the 7th. cycle that I have facilitated. I am so touched when people share with me how this support group has helped them through grief. Last night one of the attendees said she wished that we would have GriefShare every night. It is really ministering to her! Hallelujah! I am attempting to incorporate new ideas for each cycle, so that if we have attendees repeating the sessions they won't get bored. This group has really opened up and shared their hearts from the very first meeting. That is wonderful, and tough to accomplish sometimes. Nevertheless, what a blessing it is to me to be able to facilitate! I grow more each time!
I have so much to do today. I have been busy arranging for my dad to get home health care that I have not gotten several things done. My dad arrived home from the nursing home on Monday afternoon. All three of us are trying to get things done for him, even though he didn't do much for us while we were growing up.... but that is another loooooong story. I won't go there now. The tomatoes and peppers are screaming at me from the garden, so I need to run!

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Tina said...

Love all those touches of Fall and I'm excited about the children's book idea. How wonderful.