Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Hurrrrricane Ike

Wow, I am still amazed at the way the hurricane came through Ohio.We had a lot of trees down at the farm, maybe 20-25. We had a large limb crash down on the living room roof, thank God no damage though. One good thing that came from the high winds was that I didn't need for Jeff to get the back hoe out so we could get the apples from the top of the tree. God brought them down to me, and they are simmering in a 12 quart canner on the stove! Ummm yummy. I'm going to make apple butter!

It smells really good as it cooks.

I heard from the publisher yesterday.

I received an e-mail from a new person stating that "Sue", that I had been working with is no longer with them. Plus she took my e-mails with her! So, they had nothing I had sent! I had to resend my manuscript, and book proposal... and now, I get to wait some more. Happy happy joy joy 8>(

I am getting worn out in the waiting department.
I have yet another meeting for Medicaid for my Dad. I am getting weary doing things for him. Soon I have to have another evaluation for him from Passport services, they said the paperwork is in the

Micah's ordination will be on January 11, 2009. It seems like a long time from now, but it'll fly.

I was asked to speak at another meeting this past Sunday. A friend from church (Beth) has asked me to come and speak to the Highland seventh grade girls. I had the opportunity to do that about two years ago, and it was a real privilege and blessing. I hope this one will be also.

On to lighter topics... remember I mentioned that out Beagle, Buzz, loves to curl up in the pillows on the couch, only I couldn't prove it... well check this out-------> What a spoiled puppy! Hey, today is his Birthday! He is 9 years old today.

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