Thursday, April 23, 2009

God will make a way

I am always so amazed when God meets me right where I need Him to. I just got home from sharing at Jerusalem Church Womens Spring Retreat... but we didn't retreat we advanced! God was so there tonight, and I am so grateful for all of the prayers!

Our story is always difficult to tell, but God always gives the grace, and His presence is always there. I was told that this was the largest group they have ever had! Bless God.

The ladies that invited me were so kind and encouraging, and had so much love in their hearts to see God's presence ushered into that place. Thanks Tami and Bonnie. I hope to keep in touch. I also was pretty happy to see so many of my friends there tonight! Pretty cool having my very own cheering section. Mary, Carol, Amy, Jen, Rosemary, Sherry, Connie, Dondra, Leesa, Lana, I know there were a couple more but my brain is pooped. Sorry if I forgot!

One of the people that I got to see last night was my very first friend in the world. Her name is Sheryll. I have not seen her since our 25 class reunion 6 years ago. She came to hear me and brought with her these beautiful roses. What a lovely thing to do, but then Sheryll has always been that kind of a person. Thanks my friend!

I am looking forward to going to United Dayspring Mennonite this Sunday night! Jeff and I will both share then. Pray, Pray, Pray Please!!

Blessings to you all my friends, good night.

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Tina said...

Beauty for ashes, truly.
Love and prayers,