Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A wing and a prayer

As I sit here looking at the time I realize that my son, Jordan is arriving at the Indianapolis airport, preparing to have his suitcase weighed (he is paranoid about it being overweight) then jetting to Atlanta, GA, and then onward to Johannesburg, South Africa. (sniff-sniff)

Being a mom, I have many mixed feelings. I know that he is going over there to Zambia to work and be a blessing to many. The mom in me, especially the panic stricken one that has already said a final farewell to one child (Liz) is a nervous wreck. I walked into his room last night, took a good whiff of his cologne, looked at the stuff laying around and felt like crying my eyes out! I know I must TRUST!

It's not easy. Not for me not for anyone.

I am so proud of my children! All of them! God has certainly kept them and is using them. Jordan got a job at St. Mary's hospital in Evansville, IN. That is a long way away from Ohio about 6-1/2 to 7 hours. He is thrilled to have found a job and will be living with the parents of a very good friend from IWU. Dustin will be getting married in early June and moving out, and Jordan will be in the wedding and then moving into Dustin's parent's house.

Christopher just went back to IWU for May term. He will be taking classes until the 18th. He has not gotten a job for the summer yet, but has dropped off resumes to a few engineering firms locally. He is still praying about what he needs to do school wise after this next semester. Since IWU sort of dropped the ball about the engineering department it has caused some confusion. Even if they would begin the engineering or rather pre-engineering classes it would be to late for Chris to benefit. He will positively have to transfer to another school. That is a disappointment for me, because he is doing pretty well at IWU, and it is such a positive, and spiritually uplifting school. I hate for him to have to leave it. Oh well, it is what it is. God will certainly have to lead Chris to the perfect place for him to go so that he can thrive, and grow.

Micah, he is doing great in Virginia. He loves his job, loves the people he works with and is growing by leaps and bounds. It's hard to believe that he is on his own! Really on his own. He doesn't need his mom to help him make decisions. He used to ask me questions about cooking, or if certain things (clothes/colors) went together, or just things about what he should do in certain situations. I miss that.... a lot! I am so blessed that he turned his life completely over to God, and is serving Him on a full time basis. It was a struggle for a few years there after we lost Liz. You need to hear his testimony sometime if you don't already know it!

Jeff, is still struggling with work. Very little business. With the economy the way it is it doesn't look to promising. God is speaking, sometimes loud and clear, but the answering is where he struggles. Fear plays a big part in this. It's hard to start something new, especially when you don't know if you'll be able to pay your bills. Please pray for us! We need God's guidance and wisdom.

Me, I will be getting ready to go to Colorado. I still have a lot that I need to do with the book before I go. I need to add at least 50 more pages before I go.... that's a lot! I need the anointing to write and wisdom to listen and obedience to put it on paper! Now that is a HUGE prayer request.

Well, I just got 2 text messages from Jordan. He said they could check 2 suitcases and he fussed and repacked so many times because he thought they could only check 1! Ha poor kid...I miss him already.

So as my family prepares to make more changes, keep us all in prayer...
particularly Jordan as he flies to Africa... on wings and prayers!

Thanks to all of you that supported him financially! It's truly a miracle he could get all the money needed with the economy the way it is!

Let's grow!


Tina said...

A lot to pray about. What a time of transition for you and your family. Love you

Jane said...

I have it on good authority that Micah is definitely a "mama's boy" (his exact words - in the mature sense of the term, of course, and he is proud of it). He may not seek your advice on some things the way he used to, but there is no one that can hold a candle to his mom!! :-)