Friday, May 1, 2009


Wow! I never imagined that I would have 10,003 people stop by to read my blog, but I just checked the counter I have at the bottom of my blog and sure enough....

Some of my friends do something really spectacular when it comes to their blog that reach a certain number. Like send the 10,000 visitor a hand made craft or something. Well folks, I'd love to announce that, but I have no special gift, and I actually have no idea of how to know who that person was anyway.

I just want to you all to know that I certainly appreciate all of you and for you to take to time to read my ramblings. This whole blog thing started a little over a year and a half ago as an exercise for my writing. I needed an outlet and a place to practice. So you my friends have been guinea pigs! I wish I would have blogged more often, but I cannot change that. However; I can attempt to blog more often in the future!

Ahhh, the future! I have so many thing I want to accomplish, I hardly know where to begin. Just keep your computer book marked to Through my tears, and I will keep you all posted. By the way don't be afraid to leave comments. It's not like you will get junk mail or phone calls for doing so. It would be really great to know who stops by to read this. What your thoughts are (truly) about what you have read.

So for the 10,000 person, THANK YOU! If I knew who you were maybe I'd do something special, but you didn't leave me a comment.... to bad! Maybe I'd send you something really special. Perhaps a book I have contributed to or one that I have written...hmmmm.

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Anonymous said...

Becki, I don't know who vgisitor 10003 was but I am visitor 10050. I love reading your blog, gives me ideas of how to tease Jeff every other week.

Jenn SMith

PS Give Lady a hug for me