Friday, May 15, 2009

I'm here!

I find it hard to believe I am actually in Colorado! So far the conference has been great. I am sort of playing hooky at the moment....oops!

Actually I needed some down time, and they encourage you to take the time if you need to. So I am doing it with permission. I have heard so much good stuff I am on overload. I need to gather the troops to re-group so to say.
So far, I have had appointments with one author, one publisher, one editor, and two agents! I feel good about the positive comments,but no one is saying they will take me on. I have two people that want me to send them my proposal,and my manuscript after I do more work on it. They were very kind in their commenting. I once again have so many things to do, and since I have had so MANY wonderful sessions I have much to do. But I have more direction!!!!!!!!!

Here are pictures I took just about a minute ago looking out of my window in my room. They are a bit "funky" since I had a screen on the window that is not removable. Yes that is snow that you see! I am in utter astonishment at the work of

God just outside my window. Isn't God amazing?
I have been having sleep issues. I have found that there is a new syndrome that I suffer from...mountain buggers, and dry mouth. I know go ahead and laugh. But last night when I woke up for the second time having a panic attack because I couldn't breathe it wasn't funny at all!

I guess I can overlook the issues just to be able to see the grandeur all around me!

I will ask you to continue to pray for me. I want God's perfect will in all of this. I know it is sometimes a fight between God and Becki, but in the end, I want God to be the victor!

In the meantime, I have another continuing session I have to go to at 5:00 with Virelle Kidder.

WOW, what an awesome lady!

I am really enjoying her class. I love to listen to her talk, and sometimes find myself scrambling to take notes because I am so involved in listening.

Any way, I will try one more time to blog while I am here I'll include more pictures too!


Tina said...

Great! Soak it all in. The sites, the sounds, the knowlege, the guidance, and keep lots of tissues handy to battle the mountain buggers. 8-)


Lisa Troyer said...

Tell Virelle that I'm happy to see that she has chosen to wear her red glasses!! Don't you just love them - and her. : )