Thursday, September 24, 2009

It's time to decorate!

It is fall... time to put out the pretty orange decorations!

I love it when I can get out some of my favorite decorations. This year I did listen to my husband's request to not OVER-DO it!

Yep, I just noticed that the wood is water stained... that is what happens when you don't paint it!

Below are two new decorations I have added this year. Bargain shopping a few weeks ago!

Here a few things I did get out. I have been looking through several of my friends blogs and felt inspired to share some of mine. Did you ever notice before you take the pictures everything looks fine, but once you have them downloaded to your computer you notice silly little things? Such is the case with many of these. I'll be sure to point out all of them!

I re-did my flower arrangement from summer daisies to fall flowers and vines.

I have a penchant for having dishes to match, so below you can see my collection just waiting to be filled with yummy concoctions from my kitchen! I need to entertain soon!

I need to get ready for work now, I just wanted to share fall with you!

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Tina said...

I love all of your decorations and it's hard not to "over-do it' when it comes to this. We love fall decor.