Saturday, September 12, 2009


I am so grateful that God allowed us to have a wonderful garden and high yield from it, but I am even more thankful that I am done canning... for now. The remainder of garden stuff will be for eating only!

I have shelves heavily laden with goodies that I have "put up" for winter, not to mention that my freezer has a lot of stuff too. Ummm.

I am even more grateful that I can REST for the weekend. I am pooped.

I am going to do some fun things after I clean. I am going to get my fall decorations out and work on my nesting instincts. I love to decorate ( my husband thinks I over do it) but I love it.

I was scheduling my GriefShare classes and realized that it is only one day less than 15 weeks until Christmas. UGH. At the rate I have been blogging I will be saying in my next one "I cannot believe Christmas is over" Ha. The time truly does fly.

I have some deadlines looming: this week I need to get several devotionals written for the COF devotional that will be published by Barbour Publishing in September of 2010! The deadline for that Sept. 22 (how did it sneak up on me? Oh, I know Barbour upped the date from Dec. 1 to Sept. 22) I thought I would faint when I read that e-mail.

I was supposed to work on Through My Tears this week, but canning took precedence, so nothing got written at my house. I am hoping that Mike got something done. I talked to Mike last weekend and he informed me that it looks like we will not make our October/November attempt at a deadline for finishing TMT. :_( (That is my attempt at crying)

Well, I will just have to try to prove him wrong... maybe.

I will soon get to meet "my two Emily's". I was supposed to meet one of them (Emily J) last week but something came up and Emily and Brittany couldn't make it. I was bummed, but now I have been promised a visit from BOTH Emily's. ( Emily J and Emily S) I am so looking forward to having females around here. I love my boys, but believe me I sure miss having girls around here! Even Jeff said it would be wonderful and he was disappointed that the girls couldn't be here. I'll tell you the whole story about the Emily's in another post.

My decorations are calling to me from the basement and the barn loft, so I must get prepared!

I'm outta here for now!

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Tina said...

Isn't it fun to nest? It kinda creates te setting for creativity in other areas of your life. I'm sure the book will come along.