Monday, February 1, 2010

Congratulations to
Tina L
. for being the winner of the 15,000 hits give-away! Wow, the hits sure came in fast today. Thanks everyone!
FYI this is a 12"x12" framed quilt piece



Tina said...

WhAt!!! Me!!! Am I the Tina L. You are talking about!??????

If I'm not, I'm embarrassed, but I love the quilt square and if it's me, I will treasure it always.

Love ya

Becki said...

YES!!!! I know this does not go with the tinyland theme...perhaps we can work something out=)

Tina said...

It does go with my decor and it will look wonderful with my quilt collection or hanging above my seashell box.

I love it.

Hey, I mentioned it in my blog post today.

Love ya