Friday, February 12, 2010


S-N-O-W ! Hate the stuff!!! I am sick of the stuff!! How about you? We currently have about 18-20 inches on the ground and between today and tomorrow will be adding between 5-10 inches more depending on which channel you watch.UGH!

The only things that I can think of that can brighten my day and lighten the mood is what I will be doing over the next couple of weeks!

Beginning on Thursday of this week I will be speaking for the first time in 2010. Not what you think. I know! What I mean is that I will be the guest speaker at a Business Women's luncheon! We will be gathering at J.I.M.S place on West High Ave. in New Philadelphia at noon. I will be sharing on Emotions and grief. If you are interested in attending let me know.

Next, on Friday and Saturday I will be helping "Queen Jean" do the cooking for the Married Life Live event at NewPointe Community Church. It is a wonderful event for couples. And of course the food is marvelous!

Third, I will be attending and working at the Circle of Friends event. Meet Me At The Well is the title to the annual COF Women's conference. Virelle Kidder author of the book Meet Me At The Well. What a wonderful woman she is. I was able to meet Virelle last May when I attended the Colorado Christian Writers Conference. Here is a picture of Virelle and I last May.


Tina said...

Becki, thank you! I recieved the box you sent. I'm gonna leave it in there and save it to open in my new apartment next week. Love you, Thanks

Journaling Woman said...

Yes I am very tired of snow. I think I hear my grass growing muffled by the weight of snow.

Spring is coming, Becki!!!