Friday, February 26, 2010

I am sitting here in my lovely hotel room, by myself for the time being. My roommate, Lynn, went to get something to eat with a group of "friends" from our "Circle Of Friends". We are in Wooster for our 5th annual Conference for Circle Of Friends. Click here

Virelle Kidder is our main speaker, Click here (Scroll down to the picture of Virelle and I) and Jocelyn Hamsher is sharing from the companion Bible study she and Virelle wrote to go along with Virelle's book Meet Me At The Well , and of course the lovely Lisa Troyer is here to perform many songs from the CD she recorded to go along with the book and the Bible Study. See the above link for information about the Circle Of Friends.

Saturday morning: I am sitting here at the Fisher Auditorium in Wooster, Ohio listening to Lisa Troyer, and the COF worship team sing many of the songs that are on the Meet Me At The Well CD that Lisa recorded to go along with the book that Virelle wrote. There is also a companion Bible Study written by Jocelyn Hamsher to accompany the CD and book. Check it out!

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